Henriette Coulouvrat
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There's really not much to find out on early '80s pop chanteuse, Henriette Coulouvrat. Not even a wiki. Just a long neglected web site. She's French, and she's dance and she's synth-pop, and seems to be remembered for these two songs, Rockin' On The Red Book and Paddy Field, along with several appearances on French tv.
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wow, this is yum, yum, goody, goody. thank you!
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Bonkers, but in a really good way - love the cardboard cake
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"Bring me roses if you drop by Hong Kong..." Weird and interesting; thanks for the post, and I wonder why there's so little available about her?
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She claims to be from Syldavia. I didn't think I could like her more.
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omg these tracks from her producer, Roland Bocquet, are amazing:


Digital Vision

La Marche des Canards

Epsilove (wow)


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