Risking it all in Pakistan
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Risking it all in Pakistan – Pakistani truck drivers face death at every turn.
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I especially like the older brothers "driving lesson" given to the younger brother near the end.
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Also, Pimp My Truck
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Driving along the USA and Mexican Border is just as dangerous at times as Paskistan.
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I especially like the older brothers "driving lesson" given to the younger brother near the end.

That was really horrible. What does the idiot expect, driving while being hit?
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Risking it all seems to be a series: Brazil, Bolivia.
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Like Sorcerer with better Indian food.
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What's the relationship between this show and "Deadliest Journeys"? They're obviously connected - one might just be a redub of the other with a different narrator. I wonder which is the original?
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It seems they do use some of the same footage, but it's not a redub.
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It's pretty close... I looked at the three episodes listed in this thread and they're all virtually identical to some episode of Deadliest Journeys. It makes me wonder who actually did the filming.
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"Smoking hashish helps them forget about the dangers of the road."
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I've been up there hitching on trucks and the only way to not shit your pants is to take the position that if it's your time, it's your time. Oh, and try not to look out the side too much. I've twice seen the aftermath of trucks which rolled down the mountain, and one from down below as it was occurring. Fuckin' crazy, especially if you're the who has to reverse up the hill or back-up down the hill all the way to a spot which is wide enough for the other vehicle to pass. The smaller the vehicle, the more likely it is that you're the one responsible to get the fuck out of the way. And yeah, as the passenger, lots of rolling joints in emptied out cigarettes.
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That dude is so hashed out
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The subtitles aren't very good. I know next to no Pashto, but I can make out a lot of words that aren't being translated. The elder brother says that the younger stands watch over the truck, for example, "Chowkidara."
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*SLAP!* "Do you want to kill us?" *SLAP!*

Fucking priceless.
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And to think people say hash is bad for you.
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Driving on or being a passenger in any vehicle driving on these and similar mountain roads is something I've just added to my 'I will never, EVER do that' list.
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Reminded me vividly of driving a truck through the Salang pass or up the narrow valley to Bamiyan in Afghanistan, where the road shares the valley floor with a river, constantly swapping sides. Bridges were always being washed down in the wet season, but the government didn't send a bulldozer; the drivers just sat around until someone (usually some farango) lost patience and cut down a coupla trees to make a bridge, like we had to. Many trucks in Afghanistan look like hand-me-down versions of the famous decorated Pakistani trucks in this video - just as flamboyant but in poor shape, bought when the Pakistani owners had worn them out and wanted to upgrade. Three levels: people on top, then animals, then freight at the bottom. We saw trucks with patches screwed onto the tyres, and one with a guy who would jump out of the cab and lever a plank down onto the rear wheels to brake. But yeah, I'd do it again. (Except that Bamiyan ain't wot it used ter be.)
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