A boy and his otter
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Of course, it's entirely possible that the otter thinks it's just chasing a golden haired sammich. Still cute, nonetheless.
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At first, I was just thinking, I've been to zoos and seen the animals just running back and forth along the glass out of boredom, and maybe it's just the kid following the otter --

-- but then the kid turns around early and the otter is all YOU THINK YOU CAN FOOL ME LITTLE BOY, I'M FASTER THAN YOU and then they go back and forth and then I smiled.
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I'm sure that boy slept from otter exhaustion that night.
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Otterly adorable.
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That is so cute. You know all the parents heard on the way home was "I want an otter can I have an otter? otters are so cool I want an otter can I please have an otter aw i want an otter
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For the first few seconds you can tell this boy is running for the sheer joy of running with some strange water beast. But then it quickly turns into a performance for all of the adults looking on. It is at that point that this starts to suck.
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For those of you who have not been to the San Diego Zoo, it is worth noting that the otter exhibit also contains monkeys. Imagine this video, but with a monkey on an island instead of a little boy on concrete, and when the otter starts getting bored the monkey dangles his tail in the water to try and get the otter's attention back. Sometimes the monkeys go swimming and then run up a tree while the otters chase them. I cannot describe how much of a timesuck standing and watching this is.
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My girlfriend loves otters. She is getting back into cell data service coverage this afternoon. Which means she is getting an email full of otter youtube links, and this is one is at the top of the list.
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posadnitsa is right. Otter + monkey = I die from cute!

even though that monkey is a dick.
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There is an audio less 8mm video of toddler me somewhere doing exactly this at the zoo, except with a penguin.
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You know that the otter and the monkey are just putting on a show for the hairless primates. It's all planned to distract the humans from their fellow prisoners' escape plans. Seriously, you put M. fascicularis and E. lutris in the same enclosure? A macaque that specializes in disassembling crabs and opening coconuts, and a tool-using semi-aquatic mammal with an insatiable hunger for shellfish?

The keepers are going to turn up one morning and they will be gone.

All of them.

And Southern California will never be the same.
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Whew, I'm glad the otter wasn't dead.

(Maybe I'm still slightly traumatized from that squirrel post...)
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"You know that the otter and the monkey are just putting on a show for the hairless primates."

Well NOW I do!

Otters have luxurious fur. And I am far from hairless.
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I love how the otter started chasing the boy small human back.

Otters are awesome.
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This is clearly an otter playing with a boy.
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This is clearly an aquarium playing with us all.
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I don't mean to be the party pooper to this parade but this video makes me really sad... really, really sad. And maybe it's just me... The last time I was in an aquarium I noticed the otter exhibit and stood, transfixed, as the otters swam on their backs in circles for 30+ minutes. I couldn't stand it anymore and walked away. Morbid curiosity brought me back later and the same scene was being played out.

Maybe I'm just a bit too soft-hearted when it comes to mammalian best interests (and that of the mentally disabled and the elderly, but that's another day) but it really makes me sad to see these wonderful, intelligent, and just damn playful creatures confined to the point of utter boredom. I've seen them play in Yellowstone and, let me tell you, there's no better show in the wild that I've seen to date.

Don't get me wrong:

- I eat meat [in moderation and with much appreciation]
- I benefit from animal tested pharmaceuticals [but avoid shampoo/soap that is animal tested because I think it's unnecessary and, often, cruel]
- I understand awareness and exposure to animals and the environment isn't always easy to come by in urban settings and that they are probably under serious financial constraints

But still... If anyone has data/experience that proves what I'm thinking about otters might be a bit misguided I'd love to hear it, gawd knows I'd feel better about things if it seemed true.

If anyone has anything
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