Kevin Phillips on the U.S. economy and the War Ahead.
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Kevin Phillips on the U.S. economy and the War Ahead. Sobering historical context for where we're at now (short article via SmirkingChimp).
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Ironically, Bush, who of course said during his campaign (and after) that we were headed for a recession (when of course it was far from clear the slowdown would progress that far), is now saying "I have great faith in the resiliency of the economy".

God do I hate politicians.
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"God do I hate politicians."
I do too sometimes.
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I think he overstates the equity markets meltdown. The recent crash is a reaction to the bubble. No bubble, no "crash". In fact, the S&P is still well ahead of the pre-bubble, late 1998 levels. This is not the case for the Great Depression, during which large-cap stocks fell 50% below their pre-bubble levels.
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Much the same is being said for the global economy, with significant losses in Europe during the last week: London down 6%, Paris 11% and Frankfurt 13%.
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So, ahh, can someone who knows about this stuff reassure me that we arent going to have a massive economic collapse in the near future?
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*crickets chirping*
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