Now I don't go back to Lidl
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And they say that hip hop is dead. Awesome, thanks.
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Kiosk=Wal*Mart for Eurotrash.
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Ooops Lidl=Wal*Mart for Eurotrash.
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That's not what Eurotrash means, surely? I think the word you're probably looking for is "chav" - although I'd suggest reading this recent Polly Toynbee piece before using it too freely.
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Hm, I'd say Lidl is less like Walmarts and more like 99c Stores
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Pffft. Real connoisseurs go to Lidl cuz you can get yummy German food for ridiculously low prices.
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Lidl is just Lidl.

Now I don't go back to Lidl ♬
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Never need to go to Lidl in the first place, because all I eat is


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so he stole juice because he was just that hungry?
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oops Lidl=Wal*Mart for Eurotrash.

Lidl's great. Netto, on the other hand...
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That said, I always did my shoplifting in Marks and Spencers. If you're gonna steal it, you might as well go for the good stuff, right?
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I never understood the Lidl hatred. There's some fantastic continental food to be found there. You can't really buy fresh food (protip: unless you figure out what day the fresh produce arrives) but it does the basics well.

If you want a WalMart analog, then Asda is your man.

Plus: Crazy pickled things. Lidl is fucking awesome for crazy pickled things. And weird snacks.
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And for once, Toynbee is right. I too hate the word chav.
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Plus: Crazy pickled things. Lidl is fucking awesome for crazy pickled things. And weird snacks.

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Just a little bit of tasty Lidl Scandal spying on workers. Got tatoo? Bad! Go to bathroom? Bad! (German, get your google on)

And curiously enough thats "old news": , cover up, false grassroot movements, astroturfing, ethical bangladesh exploiting, that's union busting for you.
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There's a Lidl about a mile from us that Mrs. Example and I go to when the money periodically runs low. As it does all too often...whee for being a grad student in my forties! It is great for little oddities like raspberry-flavored Jaffa Cakes, but there are also items that make you wonder what would possess a European country to take its oddest meat, stuff it with its second-oddest, then pickle it and sprinkle the label liberally with umlauts.
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Lidl isn't WalMart. That's Asda.

Lidl = Aldi
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I was just going to ask if Lidl was like Aldi. We have Aldis in the US. They're actually really different from Wal-mart. Wal-marts are huge, and Aldis are small. Wal-marts are located in suburbs where space is cheap, and Aldis are located in cities where space is more expensive. Wal-marts have lots of selection, and Aldis don't. Wal-marts bag your groceries for you and have other amenities, and Aldis are no-frills. Wal-marts are depressing as fuck, and Aldis are awesome. Seriously: I love Aldi. I'm in and out of the store in ten minutes, and things like pasta and peanut butter are super cheap.
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Lidl=Aldi=Trader Joe's

This shit is all from hunger.

The cut, on the other hand, is a fucking gas.
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I love Lidl, they have a giant billboard outside their store with a pic of a scottish landscape and a slogan saying "the taste of scotland" - unfortunately its a pic of the site of the glencoe massacre.
Lidl have a long way to go before they're as good as farmfoods though.
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Chorizo, parmesan cheese, chocolote made with 65% cocoa, tortellini, lentil* soup, and tuna salads of the world. These are the things we get at Lidl every. single. time. And we're usually tempted by a pre-packaged men's suit or some equivalent. Lidl is ace!

*with chopped hot dogs in it because the meat is implied!
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Aldi seems to have got a hell of lot better recently... it's weird brands and that, but it's good stuff. Can't speak for Lidl as it's right at the other end of town and I can't be arsed.

And yeah if you want real chav-scummery you want Farmfoods or Iceland
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Lidl=Wal*Mart for Eurotrash.
I'd say Lidl is less like Walmarts and more like 99c Stores
Lidl = Aldi
Lidl=Aldi=Trader Joe's

See, they're all shops. But they're not Lidl.
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Dude if you want real chaviness you go dumpster diving at Farmfoods or Iceland.

Anyway I don't go to LIDL so often now cause their veggie suppliers employ illegal immegrants as pretty much slaves in places like Spain. "It's cheap" I guess. If you want the real scoop check out the Black Book LIDL (Guardian article).
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I'm in Austria and we have Hofer which is Aldi, which it seems is Lidl. The logo is identical to Aldi: an A. But it says Hofer below it.
I love this shop for the random sundries that come each week. Last year, there were buckets of apples for a euro and... ukeleles! Another time, there were unicycles and jelly donuts on sale. My favorite week had to be when there were fireworks--not just sparklers, but actual mortars and dangerous spinning things that shot sparks everywhere (!!!). It was around New Years, so there were also gads of chocolate pigs wearing top hats for sale that week too.
They also (randomly) sell yellow label Grand Marnier which is made from spirits instead of cognac. It's perfect for margaritas. Every time I go I wonder if they'll have underwear, roller blades or negative scanners. You just never know.
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Amused at how the People of Walmart threads got (rightly) pulled and yet people are throwing round 'chav' at supermarket customers with wild abandon. All supermarkets sell crappy food, and all supermarkets sell nice fresh stuff. And most people shop at the one local to them which makes the equation of grocery shopping with a lifestyle/class marker somewhat depressing.

Having said that: Lidl houmous is NOT NICE.
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Yeah, Lidl is awesome. They do great dairy and charcuterie products, their bratwurst are awesome. Lidl also sells single-clove garlic, honeycrunch apples (as delicious as they sound) and absolutely fantastic chocolate, from milk chocolate to 85% cocoa, my favourite being the 46% cocoa solids Madagascan chocolate.

My old cat, Ricky, used to love Lidl cat food, which is branded "Coshida". Before feeding him, I'd show him which flavour he was having, and, bowing, I would say "Coshida! Coshida!!" to him in a Japanese accent. He didn't care. He just wanted the food.

Lidl is not the same as Aldi, we also have Aldi in the UK, but they are very similar, with their twice-weekly special offers (which I get emailed to me).

Aldi is great for computers (its Medion brand gets great reviews in computer magazines), its cast-iron enamel kitchen ware is as good as Le Creuset, and its chocolate reindeer and bunnies are the same as Lindt, but a quarter of the price.

Lidl is superb for plumbing supplies - my builder always looks out for the weeks when they have taps, showers, etc. on special because they're made by Gröhe, a premium German manufacturer. On those days the car park is full of builders' vans waiting for the place to open.

Although associated with chavs, the Lidl I go to is in a sleepy market town, and is pretty much chav-free (apart, I hear you say, from me). The thing I love about it is that they don't play muzak - it's lovely and quiet.

On the other hand, I've been to Lidl in Barking and I feared for my life in there.
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Thanks for posting this! I forgot about this song, but it's definitely one of my favorites. I've been waiting for a while for African Boy to release an album of stuff like this, anyone know if he has?

I first found out about him when he was in the M.I.A. track Hussel. I don't even know what to call the genre of what African Boy does, especially in Hussel. But it's really endearing and grooving in a way my brain doesn't understand. did a "Spike (Jonze) Spends Saturday With" M.I.A. around the 7:00 mark we meet African Boy. He shows everyone around the house, and talks about the song he just made, Lidl.
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The thing I like about Lidl is that it's one of the few genuinely pan-European experiences - the only real difference (apart from some minor regional product variations) is that the prices are in pounds rather than Euros, although the signs are otherwise exactly the same.

But yes, the arcane world of German meat products (and the the confusing caste system of their fruit drinks: someone once explained to me at great length the distinction between saft, nektar, and Fruchtsaft-getränke. I'd quite like that hour back, actually.)
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Amused at how the People of Walmart threads got (rightly) pulled and yet people are throwing round 'chav' at supermarket customers with wild abandon.

Well said sir, perhaps for the sake of balance we should use the word 'wank' at Marks and Spencers shoppers.
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I first found out about him when he was in the M.I.A. track Hussel

That is a sweet track. Thanks for sharing.
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Lidl confused me the first time so I asked a colleague about it and whether the food was any good etc seeing as how there was such a big price difference between it and the usual K and S Markets here in Finland.

He lowered his voice and talked about how while he and his GF didn't need to go to Lidl there were families, especially with more kids, who found shopping in Lidl more affordable. How the food wasn't bad, it came in bulk, it was a german brand (Lidl) and how it was cheap...

Definitely has a reputation it seems...

Felt like a food type dollar store with the stuff displayed in no order and socks next to the mayo in cartons...

I don't know, after all that I just didn't trust teh fresh food there...
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