The Business of Making You Scream Like a Little Girl
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While most folks are getting their Summer into gear, professional haunters are gearing up for Halloween. If you missed Hauntcon last month, you can still catch the Midwest Haunters Convention, June 3-5 in Columbus, Ohio. There you can polish up your scary voices, gory makeup, and generally get your scare on.
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I am having a meeting tonight about a Halloween event. This is a very well-timed post.
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I'm so mad I wasn't able to make it to Gettysburg this year. Had a pass and everything.

(If you're a haunter or other Halloween/horror person around Maryland, MeMail me! I want to work with you!)
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Man I read that as professional hunters. That'd make for one crazy Halloween.
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My brother-in-law runs a haunt near Toledo. He's normally an "I don't do something unless the investment makes money", but I was amazed at how much the haunt costs to set up (including figuring out how to comply with all of the building code and fire marshall's rules), and how little money it makes even when the cost of admission is fairly high.

Haunts aren't my scene, I'm more creeped out by a quiet and just slightly eery vibe, but I totally appreciate the labor of love aspects.
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Man I read that as professional hunters.

What else would you call the Winchesters or Harvelles?

That'd make for one crazy Halloween.

Everybody knows the supernatural folks take Halloween off. It's just too crass and commercialized these days
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I've been planning for Hallowe'en for about a month now. I'm a very very amateur haunter, but one day I hope to get just a fraction of the following of the Davis Graveyard.

152 Days til Hallowe'en!!!!!
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Hmmm. This reminds me I need to build more LED spotlights this year and redo the cable routing. And source the C9 purple bulbs. And build a few more tombstones. Oh and find a bigger fogger. And make a crypt for it and the chiller to hide in...
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