Photojournalism in Libya
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Photojournalism in Libya from "a towering perspective": Bryan’s height — somewhere north of 6 feet 6 inches, closer to 7 feet with helmet and boots — is both a perennial joke and a source of wonder among those who cover war and know him. Why would anyone so damn tall take on a line of work where, on many days, you want to be small? Let’s be clear. Bryan is a big target. Correction: he is a very big target. He looks like a walking sheet of plywood out there. [via]
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The Q&A below the photo set is great. Thanks.
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This is a gripping article & interview... not to mention the moving photographs. Thank you for posting this. It makes me realize how sheltered my daily life really is.
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In my experience, dude photojournalists, as a group, are a bit taller than average. As much as "being invisible" might help with survival, having a sightline even in a thick crowd is a huge advantage. It also helps if you're physically imposing enough to muscle through that crowd and get to the action, or to seem somewhat formidable to security forces.

Then again, there are other physical advantages to be had. Being a tiny woman, instead of a giant man, can confer a number of disadvantages, as far as physical threats and being taken seriously. That said, it can make you seem less threatening, and give you access to the otherwise invisible personal lives of women.

Plus, it's total hearsay, but someone once told me that when Lynsey Addario first traveled to Afghanistan under the Taliban, she smuggled her camera in her cleavage. Which is just beyond badass.
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