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"Theme from Confusion Range" is the first of several music videos, each shot by a different independent director, for LA desert rock band Spindrift's next album "Classic Soundtracks Vol. 1." Songwriter Kirpatrick Thomas, who takes many of his sonic cues from Ennio Morricone said, "the album is an homage to our love of film scoring and the medium which surrounds it."

Others in the series:
Two opening sequences from obscure 60's films by rogue director J.X. Williams, who has been living clandestinely in Europe for the last 30 some years: Shadytown (theme from Hollywood Playgirls and Space Vixens

A trailer for the feature film "The Legend Of The Widower Colby Wallace" directed by Burke Roberts

"When I Was Free", directed by Rob Bray (from the archives of Stanley Sanger)

Spindrift has been involved in film before, most notably starring in a western based on their music, The Legend of God's Gun.
and scoring the Treasure of the Black Jaguar

Other videos: "Adavan Diazapan"
"Tecumseh's Curse"
La Noche Mas Oscura / If You Don't Like It (Get the Fuck Out)
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You better be bloody good if you're going to invoke Ennio Morricone.
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Oh wow I say these guys open for The Dandy Warhols last summer. I thought they were better than the Dandies, but how can you beat old west psychedelia?
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