Science Fiction You Can Dance To
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Claire L. Evans is half of the music group YACHT. She also writes two thoughtful blogs: the science blog Universe, and the science fiction blog Space Canon. The latest post on Space Canon is her sci-fi infused hour long dance mix Fly On, UFO. (direct mp3 link, 111mb) It promises "to travel to disco dystopias and far-flung cosmic boogies." Groovy.
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YACHT previously.
posted by jessssse at 11:32 AM on June 3, 2011

I like that Space Canon blog pretty well.
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Sweet, thanks! I've been hearing the new YACHT single on KCRW, can't wait for the album. This will do for now!
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I actually saw YACHT play in Eugene about, what, seven or eight years ago. Bechtolt basically hit play on a laptop and jumped around the art gallery, while interesting lights plugged into the usb port of the laptop blinked madly. It wasn't quite awesome, but it did leave an impression....

More recently, I really loved the 'See Mystery Lights' album; Jonah made a really good choice brining Evans on board, greatly improving the quality of the work. I look forward to the new album.
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I caught YACHT at sxsw last year and it was the sexiest show of the week.
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Groovy indeed. Nice soundtrack to accompany exploration of her blogs.

Even though it's a cringe worthy song I was looking for Come Sail Away by Styx to be worked into the mix for over the top sci-fi prog-pop ridiculousness.

Great post. Thanks.
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