Rocky Star
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Rocky Star was a 1990s Australian TV show that had actors lip-syncing along with a 1950s Flash Gordon-esque radio play. Mostly forgotten by absolutely everyone, two of the twenty episodes have recently turned up on youtube.
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This is awesome. At first glance at the description, I thought it was the opposite. There used to be a video series (sometimes shown on Night Flight) where they took old Radar Men From The Moon serials and redub the audio, a la "What's Up, Tigerlilly."

This is a new (to me) spin on the genre, and so far it looks like a lot of fun!
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After some quick checking, the show I was remembering was J-Men Forever
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ahh good stuff. I remember seeing a couple of these. Very well done.
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Soupy Norman. Episode 1. Episode 2.
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Definitely gives me the feeling of watching some local cable channel late at night, and falling upon something fascinatingly weird that lingers with me.
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This is brilliant.
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which, of course, quickly reminds one of the gobsmacking genius that was Funky Squad
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I just saw this on facebook and zipped over here to... hey!
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Bargearse came out a coupla years before Funky Squad. The sight of a morbidly obese police detective doing action-packed running and jumping scenes is funny enough without the dubbing. Throw in a lot of bad 1970s brown suits [a running gag on the show] and you have a winner.

The Australian Movie Hercules Returns came out with the same idea the same year as Rocky Star debuted.
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Oh man, I'd forgotten about Bargearse. Fantastic.
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bargearse, a poem

gas bearer - rear gas, be
rages bare, bears' rage
gar! sees bar!
bar? agrees
bar, grease
sag bearer
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There's a group who do this live in Sydney with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, cutting it down to an hour and making snarky jokes on top.
I couldn't stand it, especially since the movie was better than their jokes.
I guess I just lost my tolerance for this sort of thing after learning how awesome and influential Danger, Diabolik! is outside the MST3K snark.
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Don't forget Bargearse's predecessor on the Late Show, The Olden Days.
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I own and love Bargearse and The Olden Days (didn't enjoy Funky Squad enough to buy the ridiculously overpriced DVD - screw you ABC, try lowering prices every once and a while) - and even I don't remember this show. Looks like I have something to do this eve.
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And...two minutes later. No wonder I've not heard of it - that was kinda crap.
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I also dropped by to mention The Olden Days (bad hat! bad hat!), but since I've been beaten to that, I will simply point out that the first video in the FPP includes a scene with two men in bed together (reading), which given the age of the source film is interesting in itself
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I'm sure I saw these in the UK on the BBC in the mid to late 90s. I've wondered on and off what they were, and indeed if I'd just imagined them. Thanks!
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The UK also showed a similar series called 'The Flashing Blade'.
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Genre/cult television on BBC 2 every night at 6 o'clock.

Seriously, kids these days don't know when they were born, or something.
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