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Mixcloud is a website that allows anyone to upload a podcast/radio show/mix, and anyone else to stream it in-browser. A quick glance at the categories page should show you that it leans somewhat clubbish, but you can also find a fairly good range of music (e.g., musique concrete) and talk (e.g., Lithuanian politics) that's not so dancefloor-oriented. There are some big names posting on the site (Carl Cox, FACT mag, Mary Ann Hobbs), and a pretty good tag and search system for poking around what's available. I've been pleased to find a couple of dirty south car rap mixes, an Italian programme offering bitesize chunks of pop from Africa + the African diaspora, and regular postings from a rare soul/funk club night in Hull. Hopefully you can find something to suit all most many some tastes.
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Love the idea, but the webdesign is hideous.
posted by empath at 9:43 AM on June 7, 2011

Mixcloud is great. My friend that turned me on to it listens to dubstep , gak- how terrible. I prefer the far more interesting jazz mixes. It's an excellent resource for hearing things new to you.
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I am a fan of Turntable.fm, but it's only useful if you have a Facebook friend who is already a member.
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I have an account here. Count this as my pony request to have a link in our profiles.
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the webdesign is hideous --- I think it's one of those early examples of a site designed to look good on a mobile device, and it's normal computer-based interface is completely subservient to it, as opposed to the more common, other-way-around.
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The dubstep mention sold me (to at least check it out after work today). Thanks, Keith Talent!
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I uploaded a mix there two weeks ago, but switched to mixcrate after I realized that you couldn't download the mix or even seek while it's playing.

What a bad site.
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See also the similar SoundCloud. Here are some interesting starting points:

An excellent all Burial mix. Burial makes dubstep music that sounds more like a modern take on trip hop.
Death Grips make heavy, heavy hiphop that often reminds me of old industrial music.
RV Paintings make ambient psychedelic music.
Kreng's Grimoire. Check out "Wrak" first. Kreng has a unique take on soundtrack-style music.
Jefre Cantu Ledsema (who also plays with Tarantel) makes music that is like the abstracted essence of shoegaze.
A Function set that originally appeared on Resident Advisor. Top notch modern sounding techno.
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Well if we're posting links to soundcloud;

I have a pair of mixes there.
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I just uploaded a global club mix that I made the other day on there... features kuduro, cumbia, baltimore club, rap, reggaeton, benga, juke, baile funk and more. Give it a listen.

Verano Dos Mil Once Mix

...And here's my Soundcloud which features a couple new tracks I made this week. My sound is all over the place, it's mainly music from around the world mixed with electronic and hip-hop-ish beats that I make.
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Rumba Del Sur from Soundway Records.
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I uploaded a mix there two weeks ago, but switched to mixcrate after I realized that you couldn't download the mix or even seek while it's playing.

Yeah, mixcloud justlooks like SoundCloud, but mixcrate ... hmmmmmm.

What are the IP/copyright issues around mixtapes? Is mixcrate any more legit than muxtape just because it's one track (versus individual songs)?
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I have uploaded all three of my MeFi CD swap mixes to Mixcloud, and think it's pretty snazzy. I didn't know Carl Cox was posting stuff. That's pretty great.
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Not having downloads is irritating, but this has been a great resource for finding what to google. Currently downloading Trill Ass Car Mixes IV-IX which looks to pretty much cover my summer listening requirements.
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I put up a mix of vintage Canadiana a while back.
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LTJ Bukem! Sweet!
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I use Soundcloud for my stuff and find is vastly, vastly superior to Mixcloud. Better UI, easier embedding in other webpages, especially smooth embedding for WordPress, full range of CollectiveCommons options for your posts, downloading and seeking available, etc. Also, Soundcloud is worth it just for the account of a certain R_co (Rico Passerani), who posts ridiculous amounts of super-rare DJ mixes.
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