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The World Top Incomes Database (click on "Graphics" and select countries, years and other variables) (via)
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not on it.
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sorry, vidur. I did Switzerland from the database. I plugged in 1939-1945. Top 10% income share.
1939- 32.94
1943- 32.59
1945- 33.24

this is cool.
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Damn. Yet another Flash incident: "here should be a swf film". Can't even access the Graphics pop-up. (still lovin' my iPad)
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That's crazy! That thing says we're in the '20s.
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So do y'all think that I/you can be one of these people if I/we work hard, pray to the right god, and get lucky*?

Naw, me neither. Lucky is enough to achieve this.

*lucky includes "luck" of being born from a certain limited subset of loin
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