Saving a Life and a Bride.
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Saving a Life and a Bride. Amid all the negative stories and news, there has been few positive stories about the heros of the day and week since the tradgedy. Just thought I would post this one. If anyone else knows of others, please post them as well.
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posted by aaronshaf at 7:12 AM on September 17, 2001

Truly a wonderful story. I can't help but feel there will only be a handful of these miracles to report, though. And that makes me very sad.
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Great story. I wish I knew of others. I wish there were others.
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I saw this story on Dateline and was very moved. The tears began to well-up when she struggled just to praise the team of doctors that saved her. My stomach just turned when they showed the section of the landing-gear that struck her, though. I know it goes without saying but, it's a miracle she survived.
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