Catch th' Little Fishies (and make 'em come up)
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We've met Ween before, so I don't need to provide further introduction to this 25 minute long sampling of a 3 hour concert in Australia. It's from 2008, but recently put online courtesy of BTFishing. Wait, who? Yes, it's Dean Ween gone fishing. Mickey Melchiondo Jr. (aka Dean Ween) previously shared his love of fishing in the Brownie Troop Fishing Show. He now runs Mike's Guide service, sometimes going directly from shows to go fishing. See also: Dean Wean's Tips For Amateur Anglers, and an article on the Brownie Troop Fishing Show.
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They're an incredible live band. Thanks for this.
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Filthy light theif,

Way too cool, and thanks for posting this.
I fucking love Ween, probably one of the best bands I've seen live!
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The Fishin' Musician.
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A friend in Austin went on the road with Ween for several (weeks? months?) in the 1990s and filmed a trunk full of 16mm and video to make a documentary about them. He was a first-time documentary maker, and I think the prospect of editing it just sapped his will and the movie never got made. Everything I heard about the footage said there was a lot of good stuff: great shows, hotel debauchery, stoned rambling.
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Of the four times I've seen Ween (once at Red Rocks with the Lips, once at the Sphere/Town Ballroom Buffalo when the place was 120+ degrees fareinheit, once at one of the festivals I can't remember) the one I will remember the most was St. Bonaventure, I think it was 2001, maybe 2002. It was around the time Dean/Mickey released Moist Boyz III, which was 2002, but I keep thinking it was 2001... anyhow...

They were absolutely lit. But they were in that rare state where their intoxication was noticeable, but it only made their performance better. Without shame, they stated they'd been on a bourbon and blow bender and hadn't slept since three days prior (not days... not "night"), and until they ended a blistering four hour set with a two hour version (may have been longer... all I know is that we didn't get to the parking lot until past closing time) of Poopship Destroyer, that I can't for the life of me find anywhere on the 'net, we figured they were joking.

Dean/Mickey, halfway through the marathon rendition, laid down on the stage while he was soloing, stood up ubruptly, walked to the side of the stage, threw up when he thought he was out of sight, came back to the center of the stage, playing the whole time.

They don't make them like that anymore. It's something rock music has been lacking for some time, and it's up to us to make sure the youngins of tomorrow figure out a way to bring it back.
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I think this is my favorite episode, Fishing with the Butthole Surfers!
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Holy cats in a sack of cats, the solo in the middle of "Voodoo Lady...." I mean... Whoa...
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Also, whomever is mixing sound at that venue is a master.
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i've seem them twice, awesome, thanks for sharing
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I've seen them a million times, starting in '93, and the thought that one of the few people I consider a "rock god" might take me fishing for not too much money is just to wonderful for words.
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so right now I'm packing up all my stuff (mostly books, lots and lots of books) in preparation for moving, and the only thing giving me the will to carry on is the longest version of Poopship I can find.

packing books into boxes is not brown. and poopship is the only thing brown enough to counteract it.
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If you want some of the brownest Ween available, check out Rotten Cheese, some of the best of their 94-95 Chocolate and Cheese tour, compiled by their sound guy.
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Schyler -- that is some fucking brown, brown shit. Thank you VERY much for the link!
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Holy cats in a sack of cats, the solo in the middle of "Voodoo Lady...." I mean... Whoa...

To self-plagiarize from an article I once wrote about Ween, when Dean gets going on a solo, he hunches down with his head between his legs like he's taking dictation from his balls, and it sounds like it too.
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anyone read the 33 1/3 book on the Chocolate and Cheese album, pretty decent and a short read
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My friend sometimes runs Ween tribute nights in Sydney, but I've never caught the bug.
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What's all this then?!?
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We had the best time with your post. The wife and I thank you very much.
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I'm with the Ween! This is awesomely great.
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Love Ween but their last show in Vancouver was a complete disaster.
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What's all this then?!?

It was a Central-coast California cable access show from the late 80s. :)
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Anyone looking for more live and archival Ween are encouraged to head to the Brown Tracker, a torrent community endorsed by Ween. All kinds of old live and unreleased audio and video, usually in high quality.
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Fishing trip with Capt. Mickey added to bucket list.
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Apparently, Deaner was actually talking about catching the shit out of some stripped bass.
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Yep, dozo speaks truth...that's where I found Rotten Cheese the first time. Also, there is a 4 disc rarities and B-sides collection there, as well as pretty much every show in audio and video. It's highly recommended.
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