A Time to Keep Silence
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Writer, traveler, and kidnapper of Nazi generals, Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor -- Paddy to friends and fans -- is dead at 96. A silver lining: his biographer Artemis Cooper reports that the long-awaited final installment of his trilogy recounting a year-long walk across Europe as a young man in the 1930s, "has existed for some time, and will be published in due course."
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"After a splendid dinner by the fire he starts singing, songs of Crete, Athens, Macedonia. When I go out to refill the ouzo bottle...I find the street completely filled with people listening in utter silence and darkness. Everyone seems struck dumb. 'What is it?' I say, catching sight of Frangos. 'Never have I heard of Englishmen singing Greek songs like this!' Their reverent amazement is touching; it is as if they want to embrace Paddy wherever he goes."

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I had to take several long breaks while reading A Time of Gifts and From the Woods to Water to digest his relentlessly, intricately beautiful prose - he was a gifted stylist.
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to digest

An encyclopedia helps with him also, though it's not a vomitorium of pre-digested book learning.
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An amazing man and writer. I think I may have found him via one of Sir John Keegan's books (his history of WWII and narrative style are also worth checking out.)
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Proof that the good don't necessarily die young. His prose was like sunlight on a clear pond. Or moss on a monastery wall. There you go. Truly inimitable.
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As strange as it may seem, just saying "kidnapper of Nazi Generals" doesn't really do justice to the operation. I think I read most of Ill Met... slack jawed.
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So sad. I adore his books. What an amazing life.

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He was quite a man and a helluva writer.
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One of the authors I've meant to read for a long time. Time to make good on that I think.
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one of my father's favorites.
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For a long, adventurous life and a beautiful literary legacy.
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Been waiting for volume three for, well decades, actually. Glad to hear it's finished, early draft or no.

Just yesterday I put in for his correspondence with the Duchess of Devonshire.
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(Wrong of me, I know, but I really covet his house.)
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IndigoJones: "(Wrong of me, I know, but I really covet his house."

This has the best quote from the man: "Even swimming is a bit of a trial now,' he continued, 'thanks to this bloody clock thing they've put in me - what d'they call it? A pacemaker. It doesn't mind the swimming. But it doesn't like the steps on the way down. Terrific nuisance."
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I am better for having read his books. Godspeed Paddy.
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They should call him Patrick Leigh "Bad Ass" Fermor, because that's what he was. I feel a little ghoulish, and I do mourn his death, but I am happy to hear that the last installment of the trilogy exists.
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Definitely deserves all the respect he has. Great, great writer.
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Thanks, villanelles at dawn; I was also going to write a PLF post. The final paragraph of A Time of Gifts, at dusk on a bridge crossing the Danube into Hungary, is wonderfully written.
Downstream in the dark, meanwhile, there was no hint of the full moon that would transform the scene later on. No one else was left on the bridge and the few on the quay were all hastening the same way. Prised loose from the balustrade at last by a more compelling note from the belfries, I hastened to follow. I didn’t want to be late.
I worry that the third volume won’t match up to the first two (which were written forty-odd years after the journey), but hope for the best.

And great post title: I read A Time for Silence every year at lent, and visited St Michael’s Abbey in Farnborough a few years ago to see the Benedictine monastery where PLF wrote it.

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I read his books in High school, which is a large part of the readson I became fascinated with Balkan history and ethnology. I'll hoist a horinca in his honor tonight.

The Patrick Leigh Fermor Blog is an amazing space for all things Paddy Fermor. Dig into the archives for the good stuff, like this " Few writers are entitled to include in their Who’s Who entry: “Commanded some minor guerrilla operations.” His publisher, John Murray, whose father, the late “Jock” Murray, edited most of Leigh Fermor’s books, describes him as “almost a Byronic figure. If you met him on a train, before long he would be reciting The Odyssey , or singing Cretan songs. He loves talking, and people are always absorbed by him.”
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It's hard to know whether to be more in awe of his bravery or his talent. Men like this put life in perspective.
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amazing traveller, amazing writer.
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From "A Time of Gifts", a couple of sentences I really loved:

There was a particular delight in treading across the hard puddles. The grey discs and pods of ice creaked under hobnails and clogs with a mysterious sigh of captive air: then they split into stars and whitened as the spider-web fissures expanded.

The skaters on the canals... were suddenly scattered as a wind-borne portent came whirling out of the distance and tore through their midst like a winged dragon. It was an ice-yacht - a raft on four rubber-tyred wheels under a taut triangle of sail and manned by three reckless boys... It screamed past with an uproar of shouts as the teeth bit the ice and a noise like the rending of a hundred calico shirts which multiplied to a thousand as the raft made a sharp right-angle turn into a branch-canal. A minute later, it was a faraway speck and the silent landscape, with its Brueghelish skaters circling as slowly as flies along the canals and the polders, seemed tamer after its passing.
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The English toss around the term 'legend' quite a bit, but here it is apropos. Truly a legend.

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What is this that possesses some men to 'go out for a bit', 'go stretch the legs' walking from here to ...?
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What is this that possesses some men to 'go out for a bit', 'go stretch the legs' walking from here to ...?

Bruce Chatwin has thoughts on this.
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had. Sorry
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Wonderful man. I wish I'd known him.
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A few more links:

The Patrick Leigh Fermor blog is excellent and led me to the following anecdotes of meeting (and nearly meeting) PLF.
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Hitch weighs in.
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