"India's Picasso"
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M.F. Husain, Indian painter, passed away at age 95 in England, on the 9th of June 2011.

Husain had been in self-imposed exile since 2006. His work had caused a great deal of controversy in India. At the height of the controversy, he was taken to court on charges of obscenity, due to his depictions of nude Hindu goddesses (Previously on Metafilter).
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One of my favourite painters.
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Telegraph obituary.
I like his Sufi Series.
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thanks for the link to the older thread bardophile. Very interesting stuff.
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A travesty that he could not end his life in his own country, because of the threats from Hindu fanatics. An amazing personality as well as an artist. May he rest in peace.
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M.F. Husein wrote and directed an outstanding Hindi film a few years ago called Meenaxi.
Husein's paintings, sculptures and set pieces are figured prominently in the film. The film also benefits from the painterly approach of Cinematographer Santosh Sivan, and a terrific score by AR Rahman. For the uninitiated, Meenaxi is a great way to discover Indian film as well as the art of MF Husein.
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I salute this guy for living long life (96 yrs.) with Joy & Fame. At even this age he lived like younger.
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