Now Hear the Word of the Jobs!
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Dem Phones, Dem Phones, Dem iPhones! The Delta Rhythm Boys' most iconic song brought up to date (well, as of 2007). An unadulterated original for comparison. (via every link blog I follow, traced back to everlasting blort; previous bones)
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My favorite version.

I mean, um, it's my kids' favorite version.
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My favourite version.
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Beat me to it, jokeefe
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My favourite.
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I don't quite get how this is a recruiting tool, but that was fantastic version. Really clever reuse of "connected" and well done musically. Though they could have done a tad better with the details: about half of the things they list actually connect, the other half just dont. Email doesn't really connect to a chatroom.
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My favorite version:

"No. 48: De bones is yours, daddy. They came from you, big daddy..."

Judge: 'Sir, do you approve of the proceedings?'
No. 6: 'I.....note them."

I'll see your Prisoner and raise you a Ruling Class.
Clearly this song has a strange prominence in works of British surrealism. Any one have any idea why?
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