Color Rabbit
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Whoa, the Color Rabbit vids are fantastic — especially Flute Loopin' — but that last one you threw up there is just ridiculously beautiful. Man, I would love to see these wall-size. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
posted by heyho at 12:16 PM on June 11, 2011

Can't get behind either these videos, or this music. A whole ton of eye-burn for not much else.
posted by Lipstick Thespian at 12:25 PM on June 11, 2011

no description available
posted by sneebler at 2:34 PM on June 11, 2011

I hate to be that person, but any way we can get a warning on that first vid? Not for being NSFW, but for being possibly seizure inducing? I've got a HELL of a headache now from the first 5 seconds.
posted by strixus at 2:35 PM on June 11, 2011

Too strange to watch, but I kind of like the... noise.
posted by BlueHorse at 3:36 PM on June 11, 2011

Some context would not have hurt this post.
posted by maryr at 5:31 PM on June 11, 2011 [2 favorites]

I like posts like this because it's nice to know people are impressed by something that is easily within my mostly useless skill set.
posted by louche mustachio at 1:10 AM on June 12, 2011

If you're skilled at making videos like this, then please do! I will indeed be impressed (if it's "good"). Really, there's never too much art in the world, and I prefer to see art made by those with a critical eye. I smell a Project in the works, louche mustachio!
posted by heyho at 8:39 AM on June 12, 2011

I've come late to this thread, but I love it. Flute Loopin' especially.
posted by A Thousand Baited Hooks at 6:14 PM on June 15, 2011

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