Transparent Things
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Iori Tomita: New World Transparent Specimens "If you’re a fish, Iori Tomita can see right through you. Or at least he can after he’s worked you over in his lab. A lifelong fisherman who studied ichthyology as an undergrad, the Japanese artist uses marine life he receives from fellow fishermen to create what he calls New World Transparent Specimens—sea creatures that have been transformed into DayGlo shells of their former selves. He first saw a sample of a fish that had been turned transparent at a university lecture six years ago, and since then he has used the same preservation technique to make thousands of hypercolored cadavers, which he sells at the Tokyu Hands department store."
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The turtle is particularly interesting. I'd always wondered about the bones in those things. Seems like they must have branched off from the rest of us really early in the evolutiionary tree.
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My first thought was "does this work on humans?"
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My first thought was "does this work on humans?"
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Maybe. The "Transparent Specimens" link seems to have a mammal at least. Perhaps the sheer size (or volume to surface area ratio) of something like a human could be a problem.
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...sheer size...
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Link to iphone app. $6 seems a bit steep though.
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Err... I see the app link is in the "Transparent Specimens" link above.
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Whole-body bone/cartilage staining techniques such as this work best on smaller creatures with small and/or not fully ossified bones.
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Five fleshed fish.
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I hope those are five fresh fleshed fish
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