It's Gettin' Real at The Whole Foods Parking Lot
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Whole Foods Parking Lot A rap about the extreme challenges people must face every day in their quest for organic kale and biodynamic kombucha. If you don't like rap, don't worry Whole Foods provides opera, hipster marching bands, strange dancing babies and Bollywood. If you just like naturally-grown peaches and quiet while you shop, there is always a freezing flash mob.
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Ugh, Whole Foods' parking lot. The one near me...well, you'd think that for a company that promotes organic food and other Earth-friendly fare, they'd demand a parking lot more friendly to pedestrians.
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What ever happened to the great fads like stuffing people into a phone booth or that crazy plasic hoop you swing around your waist?

Now it's all planking and flash mobs. Society; what has become of you?
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Not nearly as good as the Trader Joe's song.
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And nothing was as bad as parking at TJ's. (Well, the L.A. locations; up in SLO County, it's so much less awful I had to double check the sign). But my all-time favorite parking ordeal in L.A. was the old Fedco in Van Nuys (since converted to a Target). No Whole Foods 'round here, but I hear New Horizons market is trying to be a less megacorporational alternative. But how is its parking?
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Whole Foods aint got nuthin on Berkeley Bowl...
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Oh man, the downtown Austin underground lot is the best. Free, out of the sun, and only a couple blocks from the places I actually want to be.
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Man, the Whole Foods parking lot in LA looks absolutely palatial compared to the one in Arlington, VA. That one's so stressful that I've been there exactly once in my whole year of living here. Quickly learned my lesson.
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I love that my Whole Foods has underground parking with ample space and that it is at the intersection of major transit lines, including a train, and there are car sharing spots there too. Sometimes I even walk there, although it's a few km. So I don't really relate to the parking lot issues, but the rest of the song is hysterical.
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I was expecting something like this, but let's be honest: a Whole Foods Parking Lot just like an Indie Rock Parking Lot would be....well, boring.
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Car sharing? A train? Jesus, acoutu, where do you live, Soviet-stan?
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Whole Foods aint got nuthin on Berkeley Bowl...

Berkeley Bowl is completely out of control. Women in Subaru station wagons with VISUALIZE WORLD PEACE on the bumper completely losing their shit because some beardy crust punk in a 4x4 Toyota van has pulled into the parking lot ahead of them and snagged a parking spot before they did. The Berkeley Bowl parking lot is all the worst things about Berkeley with cars and the pursuit of food thrown in for good measure, wedged in the middle of two busy thoroughfares where people think nothing of running over a cyclist if it means grabbing a parking spot.
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The Whole Foods parking lot...that's where someone put a huge dent in our bumper and drove off.
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I thought activist marching bands were a hippie phenomenon and not a hipster phenomenon. When did hipsters commandeer that ship?
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I'm pretty sure that action figure depicts Ronald Jenkees in a storm trooper costume.
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wrong thread, please disregard
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man, just bought a round of Humboldt Fog today at the local food co-op...
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nice !
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Wow, people still shop at Whole Foods?
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Rap AND opera? Sounds an awful lot like the Most Unwanted Song.
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This comment from the poster of the marching band one: "Man, it was funny seeing how awkward some people can feel from witnessing people having a good time with their lives."

See...I don't feel awkward having witnessed that. But as a former marching-band section leader, I can see how far short they fall. I mean, if you're gonna march through Whole Foods, do it right: Left foot first.
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Wow, people still shop at Whole Foods?

I haven't shopped there since. Not that they're feeling the twenty bucks I used to drop twice a year.
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rhyming 'brah' and 'quinoa' is pretty awesome.
and $80 for 6 items? it's funny cos it's true!
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Wow, people still shop at Whole Foods?

Is there a chain supermarket that's better, ethically, etc? Because I haven't run into one. Personally, I don't care what MacKey does, and boycotting a chain that promotes local food, gives huge amounts to charity (supposedly more than what would just be a sensible tax write off), pays their employees well, over something their CEO does seems extreme to me.

I have worried on and off about their reputation for making life for organic farmers harder by demanding big and consistent crops for as little as they can manage to pay, but in that arena, they have nothing on Berkeley Bowl's reputation, which is for out and out cheating farmers, like telling them they'll pay $X for a truck of peaches and then when the farmer gets there paying much less than that, now that the peaches are sitting in the sun and the farmer doesn't have leverage. I don' t know if it's true but it's a persistent rumor and boycotts get proposed now and then and then never happen.
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Whole Foods aint got nuthin on Berkeley Bowl...

I live 2 blocks from the Shattuck/Adeline Berkeley Bowl, and I go to Whole Foods instead.

I'm with small_ruminant ^^. I shop for produce and bread at the Tuesday/Saturday (and Temescal Sunday) farmer's markets, but for dry goods, drinks, toilet paper, etc. I'm going to use Whole Foods.

$80 for 6 items? it's funny cos it's true!

Well, yeah, if your 6 items are bottles of (good) wine.

I bought 4 full tote bags (hard to describe the size, but about as big as a regular brown grocery bag) of food at Whole Foods Sunday for less than $120. And that included some luxury items like ginger brew and chocolate.

If I still lived in San Francisco, I would shop at Rainbow. In Berkeley, it seems like Whole Foods is my best bet.

how can we say that all people have more of an intrinsic right to health care than they have to food or shelter?

I disagree with him in his larger principle, but I agree here. People do have an intrinsic right to food and shelter. It's all the same thing.
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That said, I could only stomach about a minute of the song. Embarrassingly bad. Very L.A.
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Embarrassingly bad. Very L.A.

It's a feature, not a bug.
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@incessant, we have several car sharing options here in Vancouver. I'm not currently a member of any of them, but I am the head of a household and I share a car with someone in another household.
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I so love Humboldt Fog cheese! I didn't know anyone else in the world knew of its existence!
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Bit of an interview with the guy who made it.
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