Bradbury Software donates money earned from TopStyle
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Bradbury Software donates money earned from TopStyle Every dollar we earn from TopStyle during the months of September and October will be donated to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.
posted by Nick Finck (7 comments total)
We pause for this commercial message?
posted by Perigee at 11:46 AM on September 17, 2001

Thanks for the info -- I can go legit with my copy of TopStyle and contribute to the Red Cross at the same time. Sort of like software licensing amnesty to benefit the greater good. I like that.
posted by barkingmoose at 11:57 AM on September 17, 2001

Perigee, if Amazon and PayPal were not making a dime off those pages.

Yes, pessimist of the world unite so corporations will never do anything for a greater good ever again.

I don't see you going without pay for 2 months.
posted by Nick Finck at 12:36 PM on September 17, 2001

I've heard of a few places doing things like this. We're doing the same thing at (but just for a couple weeks at this point). The $ amount is nominal, so for us it's mostly symbolic. But I think the point is important. It's a statement of priorities.

Compassion over commerce in a capitalist society? There may just be hope.
posted by halcyon at 1:01 PM on September 17, 2001

I agree with you on both the Amazon and the Paypal pages, NF; and I won't for a single moment stop being a pessimist about schemes like this.. as you yourself seem to be... with, strangely, this exception...
posted by Perigee at 2:08 PM on September 17, 2001

FWIW: I started using TopStyle forever and a day ago. It's a great program if you're trying to start implementing CSS on your site. It has all kinds of great widgets. (I only used it for a few months. Notepad is much quicker. It's probably still great for someone new to CSS though.)
posted by GatorDavid at 2:34 PM on September 17, 2001

I, too, will gladly be going legit now. I should've done it earlier, but a new install on a new machine came at a fortunate time, I suppose.
posted by anildash at 4:11 PM on September 17, 2001

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