Understanding your enemy
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Understanding your enemy A Khilafah document on the mujahadeed viewpoint. Also the assam.com site posting bin Laden's 1996 bayan declaring war on America went 404 since it was posted here yesterday. The document was indeed authentic and quite informative on bin Laudin's history and goals. Please relink if you find another copy.
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What nonsense! Communism collapsed and the world was left with two ideologies: Capitalism and Muslim. And I had thought Muslimism was a religious belief like Christianity and Judaism and Buddhism and on and on. Now it is suddenly a economic system?
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Postroad, the article is long, boring and full of logical flaws but certainly not nonsense. It also answers your question. If anybody thought Colin Powell was overstating things when he said these people were in a "war against civilization" this article proves Powell is spot on with his analysis.
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In all Capitalist Democratic societies, people do not rule themselves by themselves, because this is a fanciful idea. In reality, people are ruled by a certain group of influential people, such as the prominent Capitalists in the United States and the aristocrats in England, which are two of the most deeply-rooted Capitalist Democratic countries. These influential groups in the Capitalist countries hold the necessary means to bring whoever they want into the government and legislative assemblies (parliaments) so that the laws which are passed and those charged with their implementation would be serving their interests.

Actually, that sounds about right.
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His 1996 Bayan can be found cached in googlespace.

As for waging war against civilization, one need only look at their approach to Afghani society and extrapolate (globally)in order to understand why they harbor Bin Laden as a "guest".

Its believed that Bin Laden's men are behind last week's suicidal assasination of the Taliban's nemesis. So much for just being a guest...

Its all so real, and yet each new development reads like a page torn out of a Bruce Willis/James Bond film. Perhaps Hollywood really is to blame for inspiring these men of the cloth.
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Googlespace...the final frontier. For the record, this was originally posted on a well known Khilafah publisher's website and I have located references and quotations from the original on three other pro Khilafah websites having published content dating back for several years so I feel comfortable saying it is an authentic translation.

These two documents give one a pretty clear picture of the bin Laudin perspective, and it has very little to do with all the Palestinian propagandist bushwa linked to recently. The question of why the WTC makes sense too.
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Socialism continued to exist internationally until 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed and its peoples abandoned Socialism and consequently Marxism-Socialism ended internationally and in the world.

Uhh - hello? Cuba?
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