Strange History
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Dr Beachcombing is curious about the strange and the unexpected in records of the past. This is his engaging blog.
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The Disco Riot reminded me of the 10 cent beer night riot at Cleveland in 1974. 25,000 fans gathered in attendance to watch the Rangers play the Indians. Or rather, to drink cheap beer. As the game progressed, the inebriated crowd grew rowdier and more drunk, escalating from random flashing and streaking to shouting death threats at Rangers players. Fans began to throw trash on the field at increasing rates. Finally, in the last inning, a fan tried to steal one of the Ranger player’s hats. The player slipped, and the manager of the Rangers, Billy Martin, assumed the player was under attack. Martin grabbed a bat and led the charge of the Rangers players. A large number of Cleveland fans surged onto the field, wielding knives, bottles, chains, and portions of the seats. Fans also were hurling steel folding chairs, one of which hit the head of the Cleveland pitcher. (links added.)

The 70s were such happier, simpler times.
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The Doctor Riots (1788). The best of all New York riots. Boys playing near New York hospital see a cut arm hanging in a hospital window. Word spread and a mob formed believing (almost certainly correctly) that the doctors were resurrection men, ‘borrowing’ recently buried corpses.

Well, that's my day made. It's all downhill after reading this little piece of Awesome.
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The largest word in his tag cloud is WtH. I think this sets the tone nicely.
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Interesting stories, but a nasty, small-minded narrator.
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I spent a pleasant hour following links about the Brown Dog Riots.
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Engaging blog is right. I love the interesting flotsam of history, and Beachcombing does get the tone right. I have to be careful, though, or I'd spend a lot of time just reading...
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I've been periodically dipping into this over the last 2 days, and I love both the writing, choice of subject matters and stated motive:

... does not expect the following to be read as a normal blog. It is more a ‘library of the damned’ that every so often the brave will turn up in internet searches.

Just the kind of thing that drew me to MF in the first place. Thanks for sharing...
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Not a double, but previously. I knew I discovered the blog here, looks like a year ago today.
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