Superhero casual day
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Artists lovingly take on costumed heroes: Gregg Segal follows superhero impersonators home to get some great shots of crime-fighters doing chores (also, here). Mark Newport knits super hero costumes, when he is not trying to be the official knitter of the NFL. Meanwhile, Rafael Bastos creates minimal super hero costumes out of household objects (use a few laser pointers to become Cyclops!).
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The first link made me think of The Real Story of Superheroes.
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Iron Man on casual Friday.
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Fork. Rubber glove. Masking tape. Wolverine.
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I followed the super heroes home to highlight the contrast of the fantastic and mundane. Though in costume, the super heroes are unmasked by the ordinariness of their apartments and their routine chores.

But those aren't "their apartments" for Superman (Fortress of Solitude), Batman (Bat Cave) or Wonder Woman (Paradise Island[?]). Why not show them doing their chores actually in their "real" surroundings? (Answer: cost.)

Or better yet: The reason it looks funny to have Superman vacuuming is that when Gregg Segal says "fantastic" and "mundane" he really means "privileged" and "ordinary". So instead of showing Superman vacuuming his apartment or even the Fortress of Solitude, show Superman's servants doing it. He must have them. Batman certainly has at least one. Wonder Woman is a princess, she must have attendants and servants. Show them doing the work. For one thing, that would make showing Spider-Man doing his own laundry (because of course he would) all the more revealing.
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DU: "Batman certainly has at least one. "

I believe his name is Alfred.
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show Superman's servants doing it. He must have them.

Yeah, robots in the Fortress of Solitude.
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I love the whole "official knitter of the NFL" idea. But since that was in 2010...I'm guessing that hasn't worked so much?
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