September 17, 2001
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I apologize for posting such mainstream links, but I'm finding that Time Magazine's coverage to be uniformly thoughtful and moving. Two articles in particular - one of Vignettes of victims and near victims, and another about Digging Out - have touched me in ways I never expected Time Magazine to do. Have you found comfort or eloquence in an unexpected place?
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You shouldn't have to apologize for posting mainstream links. This isn't an indie rock publication. These articles were indeed moving-- the second one being one of the only articles I've seen to directly address the remains of the dead.
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I'm usually quick to turn away from anything that leans towards being maudlin, but for the last week I've been determined to watch and read everything I can about the individual victims. Even if it's just a list of names and hometowns, as is often the case, it's my way of acknowledging and mourning the dead. Thanks for the links.
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