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Religion Dispatches: progressive, LGBT-and-atheist friendly, interfaith, non-academic journalism on faith and religious culture. Also of note: Good magazine has limited print distribution but a rich website.
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Good Magazine could have a FPP of its own. If you haven't seen it, get ready to add a new bookmark.
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Also, Religion Dispatches looks like just the sort of thoughtful reading on religion that I've been missing. Thanks.
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Very cool. I look forward to doing more than a superficial read of those. Religion Dispatches' review of The Book of Mormon (musical) is very thorough and well-written and provides a lot of the sort of insight that I think people here were both missing and were looking for when the musical was discussed in an earlier FPP. (FWIW, I don't know that I disagree with the review's ultimate opinion of the musical, though.)
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Good Magazine has limited print distribution, but you can always subscribe! Is $25 for four issues a year kind of pricey? Yes. But there are few ways to get as much satisfaction for $25 over the course of a year.

/Oh god, please put some money in this tin cup to support awesome print media.
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Interesting links, thank you.
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Oooh, bookmarked! Thanks for this!
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I've been following this one for a while. One of the few religious sites whose politics I consistently agree with.
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How about Killing the Buddha as well? Like Religion Dispatches, they do all sorts of reporting and commentary on more than than just your typical faith-oriented fodder. For instance, here's an article that on the surface presents itself as a simple movie review of The Tree of Life but soon gets at how campaigners are learning how to mobilize and market to faith groups--be it on behalf of a politician or a movie. Or this one on ClearPlay on how it renders R movies watchable for Mormons. They also do deeply reported, original work like this Jeff Sharlet piece on teens at a "Hell House." As someone who doesn't consider himself religious but enjoys thinking about it, it's kind of thrilling to read essays like this one on the ethics of hunting. There are no references to God, Jesus, or Good and Evil, and yet, it's just as spiritually profound as a God-laced sermon.

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This is a wonderful site, I have kept it a long time. The authors have the paradoxically approach to everything, whether it be religion or politic, or simply our life.
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