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"People have travelled along the Norwegian coastline with "Hurtigruten" since 1893. The journey is known as "The World's Most Beautiful Sea Voyage". Now everybody can travel along in the world's longest TV program! Spectacular fjords, midnight sun and genuine Norwegian scenery make the setting for a trip from Bergen to Kirkenes. We broadcast the whole trip live minute by minute for 134 hours!" Watch the whole thing live here.

From the people who brought you Bergensbanen.
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503 Error on the second link.

I did a Northern Lights cruise with Hurtigruten last February - it was a great experience and the scenary was beautiful (although sea / snow covered rocks motif did start to wear a little thin). Just about everything went wrong but Hurtigruten's customer service was brilliant.
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Yeah it seems to be down right now. Let's hope they manage to get their website up and running again soon, the stream was pretty cool while it worked.
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And we're back!
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My parents are going on a Norwegian cruise in August. I don't think I'll watch this because it may result in my starting to throw bratty, jealousy-induced tantrums that I don't get to go.;-)
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Service unavailable.

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Really? It totally works for me now.
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Error 503 Service Unavailable

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Guru Meditation:

XID: 1891402346

Varnish cache server

Guru Meditation? If they're serving this from an old Amiga that might explain a few things.
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Leaving on the 16th means they'll get to the Arctic circle at the equinox, right? Clever.

My girlfriend is Norwegian and her mum called us to tell us this was on. It's streaming for us, albeit with a little stuttering in the last few minutes... we must have got in before the heavy load.
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Looks fine to me. But then again, I live in Norway and my Amiga 500 works great, thank you.
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Loads find for me, but my dodgy data connection doesn't have the bandwidth. After Bergansbanen, I want this so bad!
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"Hurtigruten" is basically what I always imagine the Swedish chef saying.
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This is what second monitors are made for. Wonderful and relaxing to watch.
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Nice boat.
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I hope they make a torrent of this available, like their wonderful train trips.
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Fantastic, thanks.

I did a partial trip (Tromsø to Bergen) in October 1992. I was on the oldest and smallest ship in the fleet, in a tiny cabin that opened directly on to the deck and whatever the weather was throwing at the ship at that moment. Partway through the journey there was a fire in the engine room and we were stranded outside a small port for about a day and a half. I was running out of money but a group of Brits on a package tour convinced the staff that I was part of their group, which meant free food and drink for the duration.

Eventually the next ship (much newer and bigger) came along and we were transferred to it, along with a large piece of ruined/burned/twisted machinery.

It's still one of the best vacations I've ever had and I'd go there again in a heartbeat.
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Thanks. Just watching the light fading this evening is compelling viewing. Did a few days on the Hurtigruten on honeymoon five years ago, would love to go back and go further North. Until then, this is good.
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I love those varnish errors. I laugh every time.
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Hurtigruten is an institution and on many Norwegians' bucket lists. Fairly pricey, though (like most things over here.)
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This page is a great run down of what they're doing and why.

"Why are we doing this?

Primarily because we’re a publicly funded Public Service Broadcaster with a responsibility towards Norwegian culture; a responsibility for covering things important to the inhabitants of a small country, a country that in spite of, or perhaps because of, our significant oil wealth has a vulnerable culture. And programmes like this aren’t economically feasible for a commercial channel; to a large amount of the public it probably seems completely useless, but to some of our viewers it can have a very high value, be something they wouldn’t get in any other way, and in twenty or two hundred years, it will be a strange document of life at the edge of civilisation from a different time.

Also, there’s the NRKbeta Doctrine
The only way to control your content is to be the best provider of it.
It is only by doing this we can we be sure that the content is available to the public in the best possible quality.

And finally, we have to admit there’s an element of “because we can” – as Norway’s largest broadcaster, we have the experience, we have the personnel and we have the equipment to undertake productions of this magnitude, and marathon productions keep us on our toes. "

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This is so awesome. I <3 NRK.
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Now I am pining for the fjords.
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Also keeping a lookout for any signatures in a glacier.
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(Minutt for minutt for minutt for minutt)
I'll be holding on
Oh no, oh baby
(Minutt for minutt for minutt for minutt)
I'll be holding on
Oh no, oh darlin'
(Minutt for minutt for minutt for minutt)
I keep holding on, with Hurtigruten
Oh baby
(Minutt for minutt for minutt for minutt)
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I popped in here to post this myself. Works great for me, seeing those cheerful Norwegian families waving and lovely sunny day makes me happy.
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A few minutes ago: "Borat" waterskiing in Lofoten.
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In case anyone hasn't noticed, you can click on the red dots marking the route to jump back to that moment of the voyage.
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