Country Classics
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Joe Bussard has a podcast called "Country Classics," (mostly old bluegrass, but there's also a couple featuring old-time jazz) ... also available over the air on WREK (91.1 Atlanta, GA) every Friday afternoon.

Sponsored by Dust-to-Digital, a publisher of obscure and old recordings. Here's a sample of some of what they offer.

(Joe, previously: 1, 2, 3)
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(If you want to see the documentary "Desperate Man Blues" about Joe, it's available up on Youtube in 6 parts. Here's part 1 ... and you can find the links to the other parts there.)
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As a conservator of 78rpm records, Joe Bussard's long been an inspiration to me. His Fonotone records collection (out on Dust-to-Digital) is spectacular, and you can hear a chunk of it over here. Also don't miss out on "Goodbye, Babylon," perhaps one of the best compilations of early sacred music around.
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Yeah, hanging out and playing records with Joe Bussard on Friday afternoons? This is pretty much the definition of a good time, my friends.
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This guy is great! I'm on part two of the doc, thank you so much for posting this. He's a treasure.
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Thank you! Great stuff!
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Is it possible to listen to the podcast without using itunes?
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Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Onya: that link I made to the sample of "Dust to Digital" has a couple of the radio programs there. Here's one, and another. And if you follow Dust to Digital's facebook feed, you can probably find out about new shows that way.
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And you can listen to the most recent program here on WREK's archive page for Fridays.
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KRVM in Eugene, Oregon also has a program called Country Classics. It's broadcast Saturday mornings at 09:00 Pacific and can be streamed.
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Onya: You can use Feed Flipper to get the podcasts that have been uploaded so far from itunes without using the software.

This is the link it gave me to use in my podcast software. I don't think it's dynamic so you'll have to do the same again when the next episode goes up.
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