Techno Latin: Electro Champeta, Tribal Guarachero and some Free Step
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Scene and heard: Electro champeta | | I came across this dream collection of picós pictures on Africolombia's blog. Picós are these huge, powerful, customized, hand painted, highly fetishized sound systems from the Colombian Carribean Coast (Barranquilla, Cartagena, Palenque de San Basilio...). | Sound Systems, World Beat, and Diasporan Identity in Cartagena, Colombia [pdf] | Techno Tribal guarachero | Bonus cool link: Brazilian Dual Mix Dance Free Step.

Combining trance, house, dubstep and reggaeton, a new wave of electro producers are taking Colombia's coastal sound, champeta, into the future...Champeta, originating in the towns of Colombia's Caribbean coast, is an unfamiliar and exotic prospect to most European audiophiles. Mixing funk and salsa with a liberal helping of African folk styles (imported by slaves, whose descendants now populate the coastal regions) and Caribbean grooves, it's a rich roux that will satisfy those with an appetite for "world" music.


About Champeta

About Tribal Guarachero

About Free Step
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Awesome post. Only way to improve it would be a little Sofia Vergara. (Because she was discovered on the beach at Barranquila, where she grew up, of course.)
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Nice one nickyskye.
Here is a bit more classic champeta. I once spent all one New Year's Eve listening to this in in Cartagena.
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Erick Rincon, who is featured in that article on tribal guarachero, also plays a large part in that video that was making the rounds about the odd fashion for crazy long boots in a few towns in Mexico. Video.

Neat stuff; thanks for putting this together.
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