'Have you ever been alive? Curious sensation isn't it?'
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(This Post is NSFW) Marcel Mariën is frequently referred to as Rene Magritte's surrogate son.
Magritte was so surreal he forged himself as well as producing fake Picassos, Braques and Chiricos which Mariën sold in Paris.
Mariën was an artist in his own right being a poet, photographer and publisher.
In 1943 his De Sade a Lenin marked the beginning of an mainly humorous oeuvre that was to continue through to the mid 1980's.
iphotocentral has a large collection of the work of this trickster.
His 1960 film L’Imitation du Cinéma could not be shown in the USA despite having the the support of the Kinsey Institute. A Biography.
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I had seen some of his photographs before, but didn't know who the artist was. Neat.
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