NCCI reverses its position.
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NCCI reverses its position. President & CEO Bill Schrempf said he was meeting with employees this morning to explain the company's change and apologize for not permitting them to display the American flag on Friday during the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance. Don't remember if the related story was posted here or not, but at first, they were forcing employees to take down any displays of flags.
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As posted here earlier:

Florida Company
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Armbands! Put the American Flag on an armband! Wear it with pride and wave it from your car and home!

If we all do that it will be easy to tell the Terroists from the Patriots by their display (or lack thereof) of the American Flag.

God, I'm glad we finally have an enemy. I was all mixed up for a few hours when we didn't know who to fight against. Let's lock and load, America. I've got my flag. Got yours?
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