Great Gran
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Violet Mary Howard survived the Napier earthquake, and lived in Taradale her whole life. The best yet in Toby Morris' 200 people I used to know.
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I love this.
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I especially like the maps of the yard and town. I would very much like one of my Grandparent's place. It's a map of childhood memories.

(every now and them, I'll screengrab childhood haunts on google maps, to store for the day when I have time to make a map, but sometimes I'm too late and areas are developed and gone. Get your screengrabs while you still can - the aerial photography does get updated from time to time)
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Oh this is wonderful for a homesick Wellingtonian - I am reading these and playing "People I Know" - it's like virtually sitting by the Bucket Fountain on a Saturday Afternoon.
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Great link. I remember really enjoying Toby Morris' The Droid You're Looking For run in Salient.
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Reads --> Enjoys --> Looks up others in series --> Instantly discovers #83: someone I, too, used to know. Wellington is a ridiculously small place. God I miss it.
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Excellent stuff.
Don't often see Hawke's Bay on the blue - my mum lives in Napier!
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I used know #35, small world town.
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It's kind of (well, completey) off topic, but if you want to shake or reinforce your views on euthanasia, please read about the Napier earthquake.
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