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Rave On Buddy Holly is streaming now. The album, released June 28th, features Nick Lowe, Patti Smith, Cee Lo, Justin Townes Earle and others covering Buddy Holly songs.
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Huh. Well, I just learned that Buddy Holly occupied a sanctified place in my mind that cannot tolerate covers of his music.

These are perfectly nice covers, good, even. I just can't listen to them. How 'bout that.
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consider that enjoyed
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I love the song "dearest" so so much and was very glad to see that this opens with it.
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If you have any interest at all in Paul McCartney, listen to his cover of "It's So Easy." Be sure to listen to it from the 3:00 mark on. Whether you like Paul or not, it is interesting to hear him completely lose his fucking mind.
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I'm a little surprised not to see the Raveonettes on here, given that they named themselves in part after one of his songs and are pretty crazy for him generally. Great link, thanks!
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Man alive, do I fucking adore Nick Lowe. This is good. Thanks for posting it.
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Nick Lowe < null

That was heavenly.

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mintcake! I think we just shared a moment.
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Rollers show tonight.
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All men are liars.
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I could just favorite, but I'd rather state the thanks. What a loss.
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The Knack, "Heartbeat"
The Beatles, "Words of Love"
Gary Busey, "Oh Boy"
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Other than Nick Lowe and Paul McCartney's tracks, not a lot to like here. I've got several Buddy Holly cover CDs from the past 20-25 years or so, and after hearing so many covers of his material I've come to the conclusion that apart from The Beatles cover of Words Of Love, most musicians miss the point of his music. Fortunately we've all got his own original recordings to listen to, eh?
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Lemmy does Buddy.
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I'm pretty sure that the Grateful Dead own Not Fade Away like no other band. They lived and breathed rockabilly and blues so they know where it started and of course they knew where to take it.
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Who let Kid Rock on here?
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I think Buddy Holly's songs are so straight forward that it actually makes it a bit harder to do an exciting cover. You either have to build up the arrangement, which the songs don't need, or do an equally straight forward version, which won't be as good as the original.
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The power pop Holly tribute album, Everyday is a Holly day, from the late 80's is decent (I recall digging covers by Shoes, Leroi Brothers, Chris Spedding, and the Slickee Boys), but after a few listens it went on the CD shelf with all of the other tribute albums. So many of these tribute albums are fun at first, but for some reason once the leave my new purchases rotations I seldom return to them.
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I'm only really excited by the Modest Mouse cover, since it sounds so sincere and so quintessentially Modest Mouse.
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I'm not a Buddy Holly fan, which is not to say that I don't like his music, but that I've never sought it out intentionally or had it bowl me over like it does with many people. But this collection is pretty solid. And that McCartney track is a fucking monster.
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pxe2000: Who let Kid Rock on here?

I'm almost disappointed that his track isn't terrible. It's a pretty decent cover... I was sorta hoping for a trainwreck. Every covers collection should have at least one.
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