Its like TED but with more fluffy armchairs, tents and english accents
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HowTheLightGetsIn is an annual festival of philosophy and music where "Leading thinkers in every field mix with cutting edge musicians to excite the imagination and renew the spirit." Talks from the 2011 event have recently been posted online and are well worth a watch. Highlights include Gerald Moore, Lewis Wolpert & Mark Vernon discussing faith , Richard Schoch on happiness, Lauren Booth discussing her conversion from "hedonistic libertarian to islam" Frank Furedi on the rules of the political elite and the Funny Women Awards which does what it says on the tin.
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"Cutting edge musicians" hehe. A few of the taglines for these vanguard musicians:

"Clad in spandex and spats, the super cool cats merge electro and hip-hop with classic 1920s and 30s jazz swing"

"Upbeat, with a taste of ska, blues and psychedelic sea shanties."

"Now the Broken Family Band are broken, there's a vacancy to fill as England's premier indie-alt-Americana band. Step forward Small Engine Repair."

"It worked for Simon and Garfunkel and man does it work for Peggy Sue"

"Ambitious NME-tipped London folk/blues/rock/roots six-piece inspired by Billy Bragg, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and The Levellers"

"Music so cheery, it could advertise fun"

"Old folk hits a new groove as three troubadours collide in rich harmony, with songs carried by guitar, accordion, clarinet and vocals. It's a sound, it's a sight, and it's a vibe."

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Thank you! I had been hoping to attend, but then I suddenly needed to move to America, and so I missed it.
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TED Talks, Bilderburgers, Conventions for this and that: do Westerners actually do anything anymore, or is anything besides standing about and yakking outsourced to India and China?
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orthogonality: do Westerners actually do anything anymore?

O tempora o mores!

Having abandoned Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber in droves for AC Grayling, Richard Dawkins, and Ben Hammersley, all Westerners have laid down their social consciences and military industrial complexes before the humanist opiate of videos about ideas, leaving vast ghost towns of former government offices, investment banks, and the now-deserted makeshift digs of Oxfam and The International Red Cross.

Metafilter, it is said, is a particularly potent opiate of the masses, feeding a widespread escapist predilection for well argued paragraphs instead of more politically relevant rallying cries of the American Tea Party. And even Metafilter has changed irrevocably. First they came for the youtube videos, then they came for the McSweeney's posts, and I said nothing. And now look at us: bereft of cat scans, we link only to Arts and Letters Daily, Nature, and Foreign Policy with nary a Tower Combat in sight.

What we need now is some good old fashioned Internet Porn to wake us from our lecture-induced slumber. Alas, we have used all our bandwidth on TED talks.
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Having abandoned Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber in droves for AC Grayling, Richard Dawkins, and Ben Hammersley...

I've never been made to blush by a metafilter comment before. Good lord.

It was a lovely event. Very small, and most of the talks were in big yurt-like tents. It was in Hay-on-Wye, for goodness sake. A tiny Welsh village, bereft of cellphone signal. My dogs came on stage, there was Pimms on tap, and there was a lot of pie to eat. So much better than TED. Or Davos, come to that.
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Conversion stories are always really interesting.
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