Media Literacy & Choosing Sides.
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Media Literacy & Choosing Sides. But whatever role we historically played, and however ineffectual our strategy, what we have been aiming to support over the past couple of centuries is creativity and free will. All of the relativistic angst and political critique expressed by we highly educated internet-literate computer users has been made possible by the Western system, born in the French and US revolutions.
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Doh! I looked, really I did! But theplayethic already posted this link here. Apologies.
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"What other
nation experienced a civil rights movement, or shifted from slavery to
affirmative action as quickly as we did?"

This shift took over 100 years.
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Or, alternatively, media literacy was born in the pamplet wars of the English Civil War, or the tracts of the Reformation, or... well, pick a perspective, pick a pundit, and run with it.
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