Crowd-sourced radiation data being collected in Japan
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SAFECAST is helping people in Japan (with internet access) review amateur and official radiation data.
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Cool. When will Nebraska's be up?
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I remember there was an attempt to do this in the UK in the years after Chernobyl. Since this was pre-web, it was all done with 300 baud modems and 8-bit computers taking readings from an anemometer and a G-M tube. Somewhat expensive back then. Wish I could remember the name, or what became of the project and its data.
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I am so worried about he Japanese people, they have been hitting hard by Earth quakes. My heart goes to them right now.
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Cool. When will Nebraska's be up?

You could always buy a geiger counter and volunteer to provide amateur data. See Radiation Network.
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Here is some information about radiation levels in the Western United States.

Here are questions asked of an expert on radiation, on the Washington Post website.

Here are three more sources.
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Readings in square are above the average geiger counter readings prior to March 11, 2011 (35 cpm).

Readings in square are taken, whereas before we weren't taking readings.
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