World Folk Music
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Root Hog or Die has an extensive collection of links to world folk music repositories. There are over 60, with days and days of music to listen to. Some are comprised of field recordings, some are from old 78s, and some are from more contemporary sources, so you'll have to use your judgement about which you're comfortable visiting. The sites cover everything from Hmong music to Ossetian music to Northwest Fiddle Field Recordings.
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And don't sleep on the comments at the bottom, there are other good sites listed there.
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Thanks, OmieWise!

I was going to link to a Hmong music FPP I made back in 2007 (do a previously thing, you know), but going back to the FPP I see that every single video clip is now gone from YouTube... bummer.
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There are several previously among all the things in that omnibus collection. I decided not to dredge up all the individual posts, but many of the American library collections were already represented on Metafilter.
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Yes! Thank you! This is just wonderful.
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Oh wow.

Thank you.
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Off topic, but I am positively thrilled to discover the original form of my grandfather's favorite saying, "Root hoggy die." Clearly by the time he picked it up it had gone through a bit of a game of telephone, and my family had never been able to track down where the heck it had come from. He passed away several years ago and, as my mother told everyone during the funeral, the origin remained a mystery. Thanks, Metafilter!
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That's a great collection. Thanks for sharing.
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oh boy oh boy oh boy

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Fantastic find! Thanks, Omiewise!
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Eeeeeeeeggggggcellent, thanks too much.
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Seems like an opportune moment to point out that Download Them All is not supported in Chrome.

*switches over to Firefox for a bit*

Thanks for sharing
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I have been waiting for this for almost four years now! Great find, thanks!
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love this stuff
for example
(not a shill
just a fan)

great post
thank you
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