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Six Second ECG Simulator. "The Cardiac Rhythm Simulator generates 25 of the most common cardiac rhythms for you to explore, review, and play."
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My first thought was whether these rhythms could be turned into drum loops. Yet another extremely good reason that I am not a doctor.
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This site is excellent! Thanks!
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Kind of cool, but needs more controls. I'd love to be able to play around with AV delay and some refractory periods to get some really funky rhythms. I did something similar for my final undergrad project, but it never made it to the web and only ever had two chambers modeled.
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Also, there's a nice Wiki animation illustrating the heart's actions at each bump.
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Can't view it right now, but if it can't do torsades then screw it.
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I spent a while at this site over the last few years in my medical school training. Its useful for getting to know the common rhythms, as EKG reading is probably 25% knowledge and 75% pattern recognition.

...of course, this weekend as I'm on call for the first time in my new role as doctor and Internal Medicine intern, I got a call about 5 minutes after I just learned about a patient to find that they are having superventricular tachycardia to 200 and chest pain.

I show up, the first MD on the scene, and all those hours studying EKG traces on a screen just poured out of me as I stood there, terrified and just trying to get ahold of something before the adrenaline took my feet, too. Luckily, there were more seasoned professionals at my back in short order, but those few moments of abject terror showed me I have much to learn about this business of medicine.

The patient is better now, thankfully. In case you were wondering.
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i less than: the first step at a code is to take your own pulse. Then it's just A, B, Cs.
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Is there one that corresponds to that point when the blood squirts back out of the heart against the flow, right at the top? That's a LOT of fun. Upsets doctors, it does. Can lead to ambulance rides. Also provides an ample distraction from the earliest warnings of clogged arteries, even for the patient. Except when your cardiologist pays attention and you keep things going fast enough, they find the real problem and fix it before you curl up and die with a charlyhorse in your heart.
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