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The principle is to go into everything wanting to like it. Composer Nico Muhly has a blog. See what he thinks about Angelo Badalamenti, his thoughts on musical influences, and lots of posts about food.
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I like much of Muhly's music--thanks for posting this. Talented young guy.
posted by everichon at 9:14 AM on June 27, 2011

It's funny how one misplaced "t" changes everything.
posted by notyou at 9:26 AM on June 27, 2011

This is a great blog, from a very interesting musical mind--I enjoy Muhly's music and have been enjoying his collaborations a great deal.
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Huh. He doesn't talk about composting much. All he talks about is music and food.
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Thanks for this; it had been a while since I checked his blog. He's such an engaging writer - witty, opinionated and willing to stir the pot like he did a few years back by calling out dull programming by major symphonies. The New Yorker did a nice long article about him in 2008.

There should be some music links here, too. Mothertongue is an amazing batch of accessible experimental modern music.
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Love Mothertongue. Love Muhly and his blog. Love this post. Thanks!
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Absolutely one of my favorite people. Anything that spins off from his mind -- music, blog, his consistently entertaining twitter feed -- is worth experiencing. I was actually tempted the other day to post the kind of silly but great trailer for his opera which is playing now in London, but I never got around to it. Excellent post!
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I wish I didn't have to work right now so I could devour all of this. Muhly's writing is great! He switches up diction in a sparkling way. (I would love to show this to my former writing teachers and say: See! See! It works!) And I can't wait to look at mediareport's links!
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The principle is to go into everything wanting to like it.

I really wish music reviewers would abide by this.
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The principle is to go into everything wanting to like it.

So basically this guy is the anti-hipster.
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Or the anti-mefite.
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