Snailiad: retro platformer goodness
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Snailiad: The snails of Snail Town have gone missing! Use your power to climb walls to explore a Metroid-like world to find all the secrets also snails. YAY!
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This is great! It's totally going to kill my night, I can tell by looking at it.
posted by ODiV at 10:35 AM on June 28, 2011

I just finished playing this game!

It reminded me of the very excellent Clarence's Big Chance (great special ending!), but with less Mario and more Metroid+Megaman.

I got stuck trying to find my very last helix shell and used this *spoiler map* to find it. I later found out that if you beat the game once you get a display text when you enter an area that tells you how many items you've collected in that specific zone (7 out of 9, for example). This is crucial, because had I known this would be unlocked, I would've finished the game and not spent an extra hour combing every single zone for secret entrances.

The ending is a bit lacking, but beating the final boss was rewarding.
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No, not yay.
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Man, this 'art game' kick is getting really played out.
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I'll be honest and say that the author of this is a friend of mine, and I helped playtest it a bit. But I'll also say that it was a very enjoyable game (flash game or not). True, it is stylized as an 8bit video game, but I don't think that should be seen as a negative. The truth of the matter is that auriplane is a great programmer and musician, but not necessarily an artist - so she kept the visuals simple while providing a rich play environment. This game is hours of fun, to be had for free!
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No, not yay.

Why no yay?
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I played through this last night and enjoyed it a lot. It didn't overstay its welcome and the map is just packed with secret rooms and passages, so you always feel like you're finding something new.
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This is really a very charming game! The Metroid references were pretty fun, the NPCs are funny in that perfect Earthbound way, and the music is just great. Thanks for posting it!
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Fun game. I'm not sure I like the graphical style, but I really love playing Metroid-like games.

I started a thread on the Famitracker (the software used to make the music) forums about this. The author showed up and shared some source files. Hopefully she'll stick around to discuss the game a little bit.
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Oh gods, that last helix fragment. I was on the verge of insanity.

On the other hand, I did get a 100% clear. Yay me!
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I've got the song from the upper right area stuck in my head. :-)

Took me forever to find the last shell fragment too, the one on the left edge in the red area was the one I missed. :)
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