A veritable balloon menagerie
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Balloon twisting is more than ballon animals. If you get really good, you can make life-sized dinosaur skeleton replicas, complex alien flora and fauna, or intricate scenes with thousands of balloons. It all starts with learning how to twist and shape balloons. If reading diagrams doesn't work for you, there are plenty of tutorial videos online.
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Holy shit those are awesome. Thanks for posting this!
posted by Mrs. Pterodactyl at 8:16 AM on June 30, 2011

Wow. Did not know you could do this. Up until just now, I was still happy with the little puppy thing the 17 year old kid did for my nephews 7th birthday. Wait until said nephew sees the dinosaur pix I just sent. My brother will have to really spring for a balloon guy next party!!
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Twisted: A Balloonamentary
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Also, that balloon twisting instructional site is also pretty amazing and comprehensive.
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::sigh:: Balloon sculpture is just one of the hundreds of things that I can do sort of half-assedly, most of which I could probably master if I just picked one and concentrated on it instead of becoming half-assed at hundreds of different things.
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Half-assed Jack of all, full-assed master of none, I feel your pain.
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My son's love of balloons and dinosaurs loves this.... He's now running around the house saying 'Balloon balloon balloon RAAAAR! Please Daddy?'
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Black Cat Balloon's Muppet Balloon Project
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I'm lucky if I can achieve quarter-assed skill at things like this... and don't call me Jack.
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Speaking of Muppets - Steve Martin showing how it's done.
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I have more fun twisting balloons than my kids do when I hand the "completed" item to them, but I don't care. They have never asked me to do any at their birthday parties, but I still have fun.
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Hmm... no cervical vertebrae spines. not a T-Rex. Acrocanthosaurus maybe.
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Wait, shit it's the other way around. Sorry, ballon man.
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You can also do math with balloons!

vi hart rocks
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