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"What do you get when you combine 15kgs of silicon, 2km of wool, 46 highly enthusiastic filmmakers and 2 years of hard work? …Zero." (youtube / also on vimeo) Official site. posted by zarq (14 comments total) 7 users marked this as a favorite
I love this new Tool video. Thankx
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Cute, except for the banging on my head with a hammer to make their point. Which was grasped by the third sentence of the introduction.

Also, though I know it's supposed to be dirty yarn, it kept looking to me like Zero was actually made of straw. Which made me laugh until they hit me on the head with the hammer again.
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Cops? Sevens? I would have thought twos or threes.
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OTOH it sure was pretty! And actual stop motion? That's such an incredible amount of work (and, I'm sure, a commensurate amount of fun).

And paced so slowly - that's just making more work for them. But I do wish they put the technical effort into a better script.

I did a little stop motion animation in high school (super-8, baby!) and it was such a blast. It seems a shame that I'm not doing this now; it's so fun, and with a digital workflow, it'd be a hojillion times easier (which usually just means raising the standards by a factor of a hojillion and a half). Maybe I'll monkey around with some paperclips or something this weekend. :D
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I'm extremely pessimistic and jaded, but this is the first thing I have watched that actually made me tear up. Not only is the message powerful, but it's so touching just how close to reality the message was.
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Depressing how redemption comes not at a rejection of the status quo but at its reiteration.
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But...but it has two...

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Nice. But I think I would have grasped the story just as well and liked it better without the narration.
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It looks lovely, and I was with it all the way up to the ending, but that felt really disappointing. If anything, it's just going to make the situation worse.

I spent the whole of it trying to work out what clever thing they were going to do with the maths too. Well.
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> If anything, it's just going to make the situation worse.

The infinity baby is going to make things worse? But how?!
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You know, I kind of get their point.

They are probably going to have to serve this "∞" character for the rest of their lives, or his, if his lifespan is normal-- which I strongly doubt. I don't know what the actual basis for the higher numbers' power is, but there exists the chance that his number translates into him being able to essentially warp reality, literally a physical god. This explains why they didn't attempt to attack him or his pregnant mother. The ways in which this infant being might attempt to defend itself are horrifying to contemplate.

Even if we ignore out that worst case scenario, we are still dealing with a single entity whose words overrule anything and everything else, who can order you to stop breathing with a word and suffer no ill repercussions. It's no wonder the other yarn people wanted to prevent that. Ostensibly, it's occurred in the past, hence the taboo and discrimination.

Also, the system is immutable and inescapable, better find someone else as disenfranchised and hope your kid's a mutant genius (because social mobility still exists).
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Zero is ultimate, infinite, without needing the qualifying symbol. It's its own dimension, a point that's not a point. Surely someone bearing that number would be an anomaly to be revered or worshiped, not relegated to Epsilon-Semi-Moron status.

Apart from that aspect rearing its ugly head, the animation was quite good, and I liked the rough finishing of the characters, but I felt like the narrator was set to lowest common denominator.
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