Making Art from the Getty Museum
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The Getty Museum offers some videos of modern artisans demonstrating art techniques from the past. Don't miss the wet collodion photography process - today you can carry a camera in your pocket and look at pictures on your phone, but in 1860 you needed a horse-drawn darkroom to get those shots.

Greek vases and medieval illuminated manuscripts are also worth watching, if only to marvel at the patience and skill required in the prep work.

The videos are hosted on ArtBabble, a site devoted to art videos from a variety of museums and galleries. With hundreds of videos covering ancient art to robot art, there's some time-wastin' art appreciation here for everyone.
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Very cool stuff.

I wish I could say I miss the days of darkrooms and enlargers. Of pushing and pulling film, and meticulous dodging and burning. Of chemicals and black fingernails. Of a time when darkroom abilities were every bit as important as image-taking ability.

But I really don't.
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Impressive ingenuity made the Mechanical Table. It is surprising that photography survived its arduous early days. Challenge produces solution.
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nice link thanks... went right to how Medieval manuscripts are made since I'm doing some research on the Florentine Codex, and Aztec use of amate paper....
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Very cool. This is the first time I've seen the process start to finish. Gives me an idea of what to expect when I finally start shooting wet plates.
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Thanks for the link. I've always wondered about the wet plate process.
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