Copa América live on YouTube
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Copa América is streamed live on YouTube. Copa América is the oldest international football competition, having been held first in 1916. This is a contest between the 10 South American nations and two invitational teams, this time Costa Rica and Mexico, who both sent young squads (Japan was slated to take part but withdrew due to the earthquake). The tournament started yesterday with Bolivia unexpectedly managing to hold Argentina to a draw. Colombia are currently beating a 10-man Costa Rica 1-0. Brazil start their campaign tomorrow, against Venezuela. One of the world's premier football writers, Jonathan Wilson, wrote previews of the three groups, A, B and C. The Independent has more light-hearted team previews.
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I forgot to qualify... by 10 South American nations I meant the 10 members of Conmebol, the South American football governing body. Suriname, French Guiana and Guyana are members of Concacaf, the governing body of North-America, Central-America and the Caribbean.

Oh, and since I'm explaining things... in the competition there are three groups of four teams, vying for 8 spots in the quarterfinals. From then on it's a regular knockout tournament.
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Oh, and you can change the language of the commentary, between English, Spanish and Argentine Spanish. The links are below the video.
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I forgot to qualify

Oh yeah me too, totally why I didnt play in the Gold Cup last week.
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Please don't mention the Gold Cup. Living through that final was painful enough.
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totally why I didnt play in the Gold Cup last week

Can we not talk about that please?
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I don't see the language options. Are they not available during the post match interviews?
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Looks like that's the case, oddman; I was bummed because I wanted to pretend to myself that I could understand Argentine Spanish.
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So excited. I'm not a "sports fan" by the American definition but today has been full of Tour de France and Copa America excitement, and tomorrow is Brasil/Venezuela... I'm practically frothing at the mouth. AWESOME.
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Is this the tournament where last year's winners drove over the cup with the team bus?
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No, that was the Copa del Rey (a Spanish tournament). And it was just a couple of weeks ago.
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Go Uruguay!
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A rather scrumptious goal by Venezuelan youngster Yohandry Orozco. Let's hope there's something of this quality in the Brazil vs. Venezuela match (which is starting in 40 minutes).
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