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Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill! is a blog dedicated to 'world pop cinema', and covers everything from Russian science fiction to Italian superhero films.
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This looks great! Thanks!
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And, once again, a Black Hole is created on the intertubes, threatening to swallow weary travelers whole. Thanks for posting this, that Russian film, To the Stars by Hard Ways, film looks fascinating. Also, the tone of this blog is cool, always refreshing to see someone who sincerely wants to engage the strange but good out there.
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Kind of thin on Russian science fiction. I'm surprised they translated the film's title that way. «Через тернии к звёздам» is the standard Russian translation of "per aspera ad astra," or "to the stars through hardships."

As lagniappe, let it be known that this wasn't the only sci-fi movie based on a screenplay by Bulychev. The Russian Wikipedia lists seven in all, including the eminently ridiculous and totally 80s «Подземелье ведьм» or "Witch Dungeon," which managed to combine the muscle-man action hero aesthetic with a Planet of the Apes plot.
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Seriously, look at it.
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This post is awesome and you should feel awesome.
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Ah good, a reference to Thepumaman. I expected nothing less.
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Awesome, thanks for posting this.
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And if you just want to watch someone review blatant ripoffs from foreign climes, you could do a lot worse than Ed Glaser's Deja View show over there on TGWTG (note - I am not associated with that site at all).
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♥ !
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