It's like ILM, but on a realistic budget.
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Shawn Thorsson makes costumes for his friends Shawn Thorsson, self-professed busiest man alive, uses a laptop, a printer, a carving machine, and a mad scientist's lab of home-made tools to make costumes based on Star Wars, Halo, LEGO, and other appropriately nerdy, sci-fi related media artifacts. He shares them with his friends, and they have the best Halloween ever!
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Okay, this fellow has a real future in movie costuming, surely?
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Heavens to Mergatroyd! This is just... wow.
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I am in awe.
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Shawn, there is an army of LARPers marching towards your door. Hungry.
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But seriously, those are amazing.
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This guy is insanely talented. I only (barely) know stormtroopers and alien vs predator characters but this guy's
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Shawn is who I want to be when I grow up.
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This is good stuff. Fiance' is desperately trying to turn pepakura into finished, solid objects, so this will definitely be helpful.

I don't suppose there are instructions for building your own carving machine for under 200 bucks, are there?
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"I got bored one night and sculpted this 8" tall statue of dread Cthulhu in the pose of Rodin's "the Thinker""

When I get bored I read Metafilter. Hah!

(OMG I'm wasting my life.)
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Rarity has taught me never to make costumes for friends.

(I'm sorry, that is just where my brain immediately went. Ponies.)
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"Prep for this costume began in April 2007 with a carefully planned diet and exercise regimen" - now that's dedication.
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If you like how awesome this guy is, you will also enjoy Volpin (Harrison Krix), who makes great props and costumes like this Portal gun, this Mass Effect rifle, this Daft Punk helmet, and THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER this Big Daddy costume.

I am continually in awe of their talents.
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Huh. I thought I was kinda sorta badass for using latex and parts to make zombie and terminator costumes with stuff poking through the skin. I feel so small...
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I like his Cthinker.
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Total respect from me for his choice of beakies (Mark VI Corvus) space marine armour.
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Just gives me another reason besides Lagunitas, the cool downtown, and pleasant weather to want to live in Petaluma.
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Jango Fett?
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See also this all-too-brief look at a built-to-scale, animatronic model of an Elite from Halo. It's actually fairly frightening when he puts the full get-up on. It's too bad the website for the project seems to be dead.
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"Once the paint was dried, there was a moment for levity involving an infant"
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OK, this is about 5 times better than I thought it would be (even given the general high quality of mefi links). Super impressive!
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Vwry inspirational mqkes me want to go make something NOW. Bravo to him.
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I wonder if he felt like all the work and effort was worth it for just the one night. I guess since he keeps doing it, year after year, the answer would be yes. I think I'd feel a little let down, myself --- hours and hours and hours of preparation for 2 or 3 hours of payoff.
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hours and hours and hours of preparation for 2 or 3 hours of payoff.

This describes most things.
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The part I'm in awe of is how they got so many people doing so much work in a shop with every surface covered with tools, parts and trash.
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Holy shit.
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Apparently he's hard up for cash. I'm thinking about asking him to make me my very own Spartan suit. Now which color do I want...
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