The Rizzo Method
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The Rizzo Method is not an alternative to Tantric sex; it is a guideline for negotiating the lowest price possible on a new car. Happy big-ticket purchasing!
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Thanks! Now, is there a Rizzo Method for negotiating for a better job so I can buy the high-priced car? ;-)
posted by starvingartist at 1:52 PM on September 18, 2001

haha, you found that after surfing around from the Usman letter didn't you? ;)

It's funny, the site has about doubled in traffic since that got posted here (and then, by extension, in Wired and a bunch of other places). No wonder it is slower these days!

Actually, if you're looking to buy/lease a new car this site is tremendously helpful. I think he actually spawned the Rizzo method.

Of course, none of these tips came in handy with my purchase experience... "coupes are rare, and usually require you to order your own. $800 below sticker, take it or leave it." Oh well. :(
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this may be based on joe rizzo ford, a chicago area ford dealership. or, not.
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I tried a variant on this recently, it was a lot easier. I just decided what car I wanted, what options I wanted, and called around to dealers asking them to quote me their best price -- no second chances.

What I found was 1. You can't cherry pick options real well if you want quick delivery -- better to pick packages and to be flexible as to small variations and 2. Some dealers -- OK, Gary Barbera, in Philadelphia -- will agree to the deal, even giving you a VIN number, and then when you show up they will claim that vehicle was JUST sold, and how about this one?
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This is OK. This is better (click on free car buying advice). CarSOS helped me pay invoice (minus holdback) on a 2002 Subaru Forester. He never discusses holdback (Manufacturers holdback portion of the MSRP as a psuedo forced savings plan on the dealers to prevent them from giving the cars away). You should subtract holdback from your price. Edmunds has a page about listing all of the holdbacks for the different manufacturers, but I can't find it.
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