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Audio Noir offers a continuous stream of classic radio crime dramas, including Johnny Dollar, Broadway Is My Beat, and Dragnet.
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Ah, the adventures of the man with the action-packed expense account — America's fabulous freelance insurance investigator.
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I love old radio shows, grew up with them. Thanks fir posting this!
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My usual nervous tic as I present yet another horrifying set of unexpected invoices to my boss is to say "I'm the man with the action-packed expense account," but I don't think she gets the reference.
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My dad has this weird obsession with noir; ever since I got my GameFly account he's been super excited about the prospect of LA Noire being played in his living room* and gets all bummed out every time a different game comes in the mail.** It's a sort of self-aware, parodying obsession; as a result "Christmas Dragnet" is regular listening 'round the holidays. So I will send this to him for him to listen to while he is riding his strange indoor bicycle machine.

*I play video games with my parents around because it is more amusing than playing alone; they offer fantastic commentary
**He keeps asking me with increasing impatience if I've saved the galaxy yet whenever I boot up Mass Effect 2

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He keeps asking me with increasing impatience if I've saved the galaxy yet whenever I boot up Mass Effect 2

You could always respond jokingly, "Of course! Every time I turn off the console the galaxy gets saved to a file."
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I was once a seasonal IRS worker, opening up and sorting people's tax returns. During that time, I would sometimes borrow audio cassettes of Lux Radio Theater to listen to.

This is awesome. Thanks!
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This stream puts me to sleep every single night. Some of the shows are painfully clichéd but some are imaginative and well-written. The ads are fascinating and worthy of study. From today's perspective they're like naive experiments in the science of persuasion.
Creepy Male Voice: "It's wise to smoke Fatimas," followed by Creepy Female Voice: "It's wise to smoke Fatimas."
And the "refreshing, delicious" Wrigley's ads, where they seem to be trying to explain the purpose of gum and how to use it.
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If you need a break from drama, you can always listen to a little British radio silliness.
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I love OTR as well. There are tons of good streaming stations; my personal favourite is AM 1710 Antioch. I am often amazed at how lurid and violent the crime dramas are. I'm sure a lot of them couldn't be put on TV at the time they were produced. Lights Out is always good nightmare fuel! More people should listen to OTR - it's a wonderful time capsule from the 1920s to 1960s. It has so much to teach the present - from war time ads, news snippets, cultural insensitivity, gender roles and how to tell a damn good story in less than 30 minutes with no frills!
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The Old Time Radio Network, has over 5000 shows on a free (RA) feed.
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This is delicious! Thank you!
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If you don't mind digging around and downloading a lot, you can get all of the original shows of "old time radio" - like Dragnet, Phillip Marlowe, etc.: Audio Archive: Old Time Radio (also linked in the related thread wheelieman linked) Check the most downloaded column on the right for the most popular shows.

I used to subscribe to tons of podcasts until I found this archive and now I can just snag a chunk at a time for listening - particularly great for roadtrips or insomnia. And I have yet to sift through all the other interesting stuff on that site.
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...And now that Jode reminded me I have that "wise to smoke Fatimas!" creepy voice in my head. Argh!
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