Why Come To Shanghai? For the cheap music, obviously.
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I Come To Shanghai is an indie psych-pop outfit helmed by Sam Frigard and Robert Ashley. Robert best is known for hosting, producing, and editing the podcast A Life Well Wasted, often cited as "This American Life for videogames." (previously) Their new mini-LP, Eternal Life Vol. 1, brings the band in a darker, more serious direction. It's steaming on SoundCloud and available for pay what you want download from their website. Their debut self-titled album is poppier and more song-oriented. It's also up for pay what you want download. Watch the video for first-album cut Pass The Time here (warning: video is almost distractingly crazy).
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I love this band now. Thank you for this post.
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Ah, Robert Ashley, not to be confused with Robert Ashley. :-)
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I wish he'd keep doing the podcast - though I notice he just updated it recently. He did several really great episodes if you're into the history of videogaming. (I really loved the episode on Electronic Gaming Monthly and its former writers.)
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I wish he'd keep doing the podcast...
Yeah, I'll be interested in hearing from that guy on the podcast who was dicked around by EA, and he was finally so glad to get hired at PopCap—now that EA has just purchased PopCap.
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