Guitar String Oscillations via iPhone
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Guitar String Oscillations via iPhone - your physics lesson for the day.
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yeah, this is more a lesson in the weird things the iphone camera does rather than guitar strings.
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It's like a strobe light. It does demonstrate the wave in the string, but it's not exactly a standing wave or an accurate representation of the waveform, and it's definitely not slow motion, you could make the wave change shape or move backwards if you adjusted the refresh rate, probably.
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wonder if the iphone could capture this. (1:20) {28 notes a second}

neat video and nice playing.
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Somewhat related previously.
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This is what vibrating guitar strings actually look like in slow motion.

Admittedly it's much less visually interesting, but is much more accurate. As you can see there is a very slight "wobble" to a guitar string when it's plucked away from the center, exactly in the same way you can induce a traveling wave in a taut rope or cable - but it's very subtle and doesn't look at all like the iPhone video. The bulk of the movement in the oscillation in a plucked string happens at the midpoint of the string, which is halfway the distance from where the string is being fingered on the frets and the frog at the base of the guitar.
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Dammit people, stop getting physics in my pretend physics!
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Too much Clapton
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So Blazecock, an image taken with an iPhone is really like a composite of many smaller individual frames?
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I guess so
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"Content is currently unavailable" (your FB link)
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Bowed violin string in slow motion This This movie shows the Helmholtz corner traveling back and forth along the string.

Why is the violin so hard to play?

Bows and strings
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Anything: that video is awesome. You can actually see the overtones!
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This is the image I tried to link to, MattMangels.
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